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Benefits of Container Gardening | System Pavers

Benefits of Container Gardening | System Pavers

May 01 2014

A classic nursery rhyme once asked, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” And a great reply would be, “in containers.” There are many benefits to container gardening that should be considered when designing a backyard garden. Here are a few to keep in mind:

They are visualizing pleasing, can act as a focal point in a garden, provide a designated space for your vegetation to flourish. Containers can be added to tie into the architecture of the house or to the garden. They can also be moved fairly easily, allowing you the flexibility to move your garden to spots with better sunlight or even more shade, if needed.

Choosing the Right Container

When selecting a container you want to make sure that the container is larger in size, smaller containers tend to dry out quicker and require daily watering. You also want to consider the weight of the container, in case you plan to move it around, as well as the appearance, although this shouldn't be a deciding factor since containers can be painted or decorated as needed. When growing a vegetable garden make sure that you have adequate space for the root system, as some need more room than others. 

Container Maintenance

Most vegetables require approximately 6 hours of sunlight per day depending on the zone you live in, salad greens and herbs can usually get by with less sunlight. A great tip is to consider placing your containers on caddies so that they can be easily moved around the yard for optimal sunlight throughout the season. Do not fill your containers with garden or potting soil, you will want to use a “soilless” blend that will retain lots of moisture and not compact over time. Watering regularly for vegetables is key to the success of your garden. Many times inconsistent watering can cause problems, such as poor root development, leaf curling, and rot as well as insect problems. Fertilizing is also very important for the growth of your plant in a container. There are very few nutrients in the soil, and plants depend on these for proper growth. Each time you water you wash out some of the important nutrients that needs to be replaced for optimal growth, fertilizer provides that nourishment. Plant combinations are also something to consider. It is best to match plants with similar needs. For example, rosemary, which thrives in hot and dry conditions might not do so well with a plant that requires lots of water. Research your garden needs, find the right containers, watering schedule and fertilizer and you will have a beautiful, bountiful vegetable garden.

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