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Carefree Moments at Home

Carefree Moments at Home

May 27 2014

With Memorial Day behind us, its time to kick off the sandals, hop in the hammock and enjoy the yard! But sometimes that hammock nap is not so restful if your eyes keep falling on the weeds in the grass, grass growing between the stones on your walk ways, or grass stains on your concrete patio! You can hire someone to make your yard picture perfect every week or you can make a one-time investment in your yard that pays off quickly in low maintenance costs. Here are some ideas for a carefree yard that helps that make those hammock moments truly relaxing: Nature’s New Green While it may seem more natural to have real grass in your yard vs. turf, it actually preserves nature to go synthetic. You save water, nature’s most precious resource, and reduce air pollutants from lawn mowing and fertilizing. And you’ll never again have the nagging view of weeds and dandelions in your lawn when trying to relax. Stone Decks and Walkways Literally and figuratively, it’s a pain to pull out the grass growing between your red sandstone patios and walkways. And they seem to grow back in just days, making it a never-ending summer chore. Professionally installed paving stone surfaces are not set directly on the soil, enabling weeds and other unintended foliage to crop up. Their prepared surface drains water, and resists affects of weather or ground shifts so that they never crack. Contained Nature: Let nature run wild in contained garden beds. Forget weeding around the marigolds and rose bushes every weekend, and instead let your beds reflect the wild meadows in mountains, low valleys, and sea shores. Accent them with bird houses and water features to accentuate nature’s own designs. Visit for ideas on xeriscape plants, designs, and care within floral beds and garden plots. There are many quick, simple and affordable ideas for making your yard relaxing no matter how you might be view it. Check this blog often to get tips and techniques to help make this summer memorable for what matters most: relaxing times at home with loved ones, or just yourself!

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