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3 Ways to Prepare a Thanksgiving Turkey Outdoors

3 Ways to Prepare a Thanksgiving Turkey Outdoors

Nov 01 2022

With the weather finally cooling down and an overly crowded kitchen to avoid, there’s never been a better time to take your Thanksgiving turkey prep outdoors.

From the grill to the smoker or the deep fryer, we’re offering up the top 3 ways to cook your turkey in the backyard. Full recipes with instructions included!

Smoked Turkey

Compliments of Chef Bobby Flay (and The Food Network), this hickory smoked recipe is bound to wow guests and have them asking for the recipe for next year. PRO TIP: plan ahead! Smoking your turkey can take anywhere from 9-12 hours depending on its size.

Full Smoked Turkey Recipe

Deep Fried Turkey

Thanks to Food & Wine, this cayenne and brown sugar brined recipe will surely leave mouths watering and guests begging for seconds (or thirds). PRO TIP: start early! This recipe calls for brining the turkey for 35 hours before frying.

Full Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

BBQ Grilled Turkey

If you’re looking for a recipe that’ll save time without compromising on flavor, a grilled turkey could be the way to go. PRO TIP: add moisture! Brushing your turkey with a melted butter glaze while it BBQ’s helps lock in moisture and add crispiness to the skin.

Full BBQ Grilled Turkey Recipe

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