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Project Highlight: Tim and Heather's Front Yard Makeover

Project Highlight: Tim and Heather's Front Yard Makeover

Mar 23 2021

When Tim and Heather bought their new house in the northwest suburbs of Seattle, they knew they wanted to live there for a lifetime. With beautiful Tudor-style architecture and a long curving driveway, the house looked right at home nestled amongst the tall trees of the Pacific Northwest. 

However, when it came to their home's original long concrete driveway, it was clear it would eventually need some work.

After weathering 35 years in Seattle’s wet climate, the concrete was breaking up and uneven.  Plus, it wasn’t draining properly. It seemed like daily Tim and Heather had to clear the drain in front of their garage to prevent big puddles from forming.

As it got increasingly unsafe to walk on, Tim and Heather started to think about replacing it. But the couple wanted to do it right and were looking for a more lasting solution than simply re-paving with concrete. “We didn’t want this thing to begin falling apart in five years,” they recalled.

Opting for Stone Pavers Over Concrete

The more the duo researched their options, they realized a paver driveway was the direction they wanted to go in. That’s what led them to choosing System Pavers.

At the time, Tim and Heather noticed there weren’t a lot of companies who focused predominately on pavers in their area. “There were general contractors who would put pavers in, but they weren’t experts. We were encouraged by the fact that System Pavers actually specializes in this type of system and were really good at what they do,” they explained.

Tim and Heather met with Chris, a System Pavers design consultant and decided on a plan. They were sticking with the same overall footprint of the driveway but were going to replace every inch of concrete with inviting paver stones. And they were going to fix that pesky drain issue.

As they began the design process, Heather zeroed in on what stones would best complement their home. “We looked at different patterns of pavers and I decided which one I thought would look best with this huge, huge area they had to do,” she says. “The color of the stone, the shape of the stone, whether we wanted a border or not, we had a lot of choices there.”

Let the Demolition Begin!

With over 2000 square feet of concrete to remove, demolition was the first big (very big!) step.

“It was a mess when they tore out our driveway,” Tim recalls. “The crew had to demo everything, and they had to be careful to work around the sprinkler system and all that. But they were so good. They were respectful of the plants and foliage that surrounded the driveway. They didn’t disturb anything at all.”

The couple felt so confident in the installation crew’s expertise that they went out of town after the first couple days of demolition.

“That crew of four or five guys got here at the crack of dawn and they got right to work and didn’t stop,” remembers Tim. “When we came back from our trip, they were already putting in the stones,” says Heather.

From Start to Finish the Entire Project Took Less than Two Weeks

Tim and Heather couldn’t believe how much curb appeal the new driveway added. As Tim explains, “we didn’t do it for resale value, but I’m sure it’s enhanced ours a lot. It looks so incredible compared to an aggregate driveway. Just really, really nice.”

People started noticing the new look almost instantly. “Every UPS and delivery driver just marvels at it. These are the guys who see driveways every day for their work, and they all think ours is great,” says Tim.

Another perk? The new drainage system did the trick! “There used to be pools of water out there. Since they put the new one in, we haven’t had any problems.” A seamless blend of beauty, durability and functionality, Heather notes, “we got the driveway installed in 2016 and haven’t had to replace a paver yet. It’s performed really well and held up to all types of weather.”