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Project Highlight: John's Front Yard Curb Appeal Transformation

Project Highlight: John's Front Yard Curb Appeal Transformation

Nov 06 2020

As a homeowner in Orange County who had been happily residing in his place for decades, John loved his surroundings but realized his driveway and entryway seemed bland compared to the rest of his home. Functionally, they did the trick, but seeing that sea of gray cement somehow felt uninspiring. John knew it wasn’t the inviting first impression that he was hoping for in his home.

When he thought about his daughter coming over to visit with his three grandchildren, John wanted them to see an outdoor space that was warmer and a lot more welcoming. It seemed like his house could use a boost of curb appeal, but he wasn’t sure where to start.

Creating a new look for a lifetime of enjoyment

John decided he needed to chat with an expert in outdoor remodels and connected with James, a System Pavers Design Consultant. John was impressed with how honest James was and how easy it was to discuss his different intentions for doing a project like this. James helped him make key decisions about tackling the remodel and showed him some design ideas that could work for his home. John began to get excited as he realized what a big improvement having a new, more thoughtfully constructed driveway and front entrance would make for his property’s overall appearance.

James explained how the right paving stones could make all the difference in helping achieve the look and feel of what John wanted. With a wide assortment of pavers to choose from, John was pleased to see how many options had the color scheme he was going for. He also liked these because they wouldn’t demand a lot of upkeep and time to continue to look good over the years.

Together, the two men selected materials and finalized a design that matched what John was envisioning for his outdoor space. Following his consultations with James, John knew he was in good hands and that the inviting front yard he was dreaming of would soon be a reality.

The transformation begins

Soon enough, it was time to begin installation. It was clear from the very first day that the crew was experienced and knew what they were doing. As they started working on his front walkway, they had suggestions for improvements and building tweaks that would better suit the unique curves and topography of his property. With a few minor adjustments made right on the spot, John ended up with a finished look that was even better than he had imagined.

Throughout the building process, John kept imagining how nice it would be to walk out to his new entryway and say hello to his loved ones as they pulled into his new expansive driveway. As he watched the crew bring his project to life, John was pleased to see how professional the installation team was and how easy it was to keep the lines of communication open between everyone. And he was especially happy to see they kept the premises clean after they had finished for the day!

Time to invite the family over!

It didn’t take long before the project was complete and John had the driveway and entryway he had always wanted. No more boring cement for his house. Instead, John had the hospitable space he always imagined with a personalized design that fit his yard perfectly. The end result exceeded his expectations and he couldn’t wait to call his family to visit. He knew they’d be as delighted as he was with how the remodeling had added a just-right touch of character and charm that transformed the entire feel of his home.