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4 Key Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting

4 Key Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting

Oct 15 2019

No matter the time of year or when the sun is scheduled to set, there’s plenty to be enjoyed outdoors. It’s all about having the right set up and accompanying outdoor enhancements, such as energy efficient lighting. Aside from being able to extend time spent outdoors, there are plenty of longlasting benefits of installing landscape lighting around your home.

Enhanced Entertaining

As the days become shorter, you can keep the parties going on longer. Working with a designer to install ground lighting around a paver patio or overhead lighting within a covered pergola is a breeze. With the right amount of lighting, not only can you keep the conversation going, but an ambient glow sets the mood for dinner with friends or making smores around a fire.

Another perk of entertaining at night with outdoor lighting – it makes grilling at the BBQ island a breeze. No longer do hosts have to worry about rushing to get food prepped on the grill before the sun goes down. Easily cook your favorite BBQ meals after sunset and while taking in the cool, crisp weather.

Sense of Security

While outdoor lighting can easily enhance entertaining outdoors, it also works well as a security feature. Well lit homes have been proven to deter theft and robberies and can keep unwanted guests from lurking around the house.

When mapping out a lighting design for added security, there are a few things to consider. Any hidden, inconspicuous areas would be one. While front entryways and back patios are obvious places for outdoor lighting, that dark area out by the garage might not be.

Not only do you want a safe home, but you also want to create a welcoming place for guests. Illuminating any stairs and walkways makes every pitfall visible to keep your guests from falling.

Added Ambiance

When you install outdoor lighting, you create a new atmosphere. A warm glow sets the mood for a romantic dinner date with your spouse. A well lit pergola offers a space for family game nights during the week. Add in some Edison lights hanging overhead and host a birthday celebration for a friend or a Friday night football party for the neighborhood.

With the right design, the possibilities of events and activities that can be enjoyed during these lovely fall nights are endless! 

Increased Value

Homeowners no longer want a small grill and picnic table outside, but desire something more significant. And these large-scale outdoor remodels can easily increase the property value of your home by up to 12 percent.

If you plan to sell in the future, you’ve created a desirable feature that buyers want. Used in conjunction with architectural or landscape features only further heightens the value. You can also implement the right outdoor lighting in the front yard to ensure maximum curb appeal.

Enjoy the Benefits of Lighting

No matter how small or large your outdoor living space is, there are ways to use lighting to your benefit. From safety to an increased mood, you have options available that change the entire atmosphere. Enjoy the updated experience while you live in the home. Then, receive a substantial return on investment when you decide to sell.

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