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31 Days of Pumpkins

31 Days of Pumpkins

Sep 25 2014

Photo Credit: Blog complements of Armstrong Garden Centers Pumpkin lovers wait all year for pumpkin season. We just can't get enough pumpkins... and they are only here for a limited time! 80% of the annual pumpkin crops are available in the month of October. So let's take advantage of the season and use those pumpkins. Spend the month making tasty pumpkin treats, learn a little pumpkin trivia and decorate or carve pumpkins. Day 1. Stock up for your month of pumpkin projects. Stop by your local Armstrong Garden Center and take our and pick up all the jackpot pumpkins you can carry! Day 2. Pumpkin Fun Fact: If you want to harvest your own pumpkins at Halloween.... remember to plant seeds late May to Mid June. Learn about planting and growing Pumpkins, Squash, Melon, Cucumber & Pumpkin Day 3. Pattern play. Paint a pumpkin with stripes, polka dots, or a chevron pattern. Painted pumpkins last longer than carved pumpkins. Day 4. Pumpkin Fun Fact: More than 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins are grown in the Unites States each year. Lace Pumpkin Photo Credit: Day 5. Wrap a pumpkin in a black lace stocking for a fun fall look that will last the rest of the month. Day 6. Plant a fall container garden and tuck a small pie pumpkin in it. Day 7. Make a pumpkin pie. Day 8. Pumpkin Riddle: Q: How do you mend a broken Jack-o-lantern? A: With a pumpkin patch. Day 9. Go for the bling, bling. Glitter your pumpkin. Day 10. Pumpkin Fun Fact: Pumpkins are good for you. They contain potassium and Vitamin A. painted pumpkin face Photo Credit: Day 11. Paint a pumpkin face. Create a funny, silly or scary face by or spell out a spooky message by painting your pumpkin. Day 12. Stack 'em high. Create a pumpkin topiary. Day 13. Create a mummy pumpkin. Wrap your pumpkin in gauze and add googly eyes. Day 14. Dress your table for a dinner party. Use mini pumpkins and fall leaves to create place settings. Day 15. Pumpkin Joke - Q: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by it's diameter? A: Pumpkin Pi. pumpkin bird feeder Photo Credit: Day 16. Create a bird feeder. Hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with bird seed. Day 17. Put your monogram on a pumpkin. Use buttons, tacks or paint to add you monogram to a pumpkin. Day 18. Pumpkin Fun Fact. It wasn't pumpkins that were originally carved in Celtic traditions on All Hallows Eve. They carved turnips and rutabagas. Day 19. Tailgating? Carve a pumpkin and use it to hold your favorite dips. Day 20. Pumpkin Fun Fact. the largest pumpkin ever grown on record weighed 2009 pounds. pumpkin planters Photo Credit: Day 21. Pumpkin Planters. Plant your pumpkin! Learn how to plant a pumpkin Day 22. Don't waste those seeds you scooped out. Roast pumpkin seeds they are a delicious snack! Day 23. Want more Pumpkin Inspiration? Follow us on Pinterest Day 24. Pumpkin Quote: By pumpkins fat and witches lean.. by coal black cats with eyes of green, by all the magic seen... I wish you luck this Halloween. Day 25. Pumpkin Fun Fact. Scott Cully carved the largest Jack-o-lantern in 2010. The pumpkin weighed 1810 pounds. Day 26. Carve your pumpkins today! Carve funny or scary faces, a black cat, or a witch. Day 27. Create memories.. take a family photo holding the pumpkins you carved or decorated. Day 28. Make Pumpkin Bread pudding today... yummmm. pumpkin cooler Photo Credit: Day 29. Having a Halloween party? Carve out a pumpkin and create a drink cooler for your party. Day 30. Make a signature pumpkin martini for your Halloween Party Day 31. Happy Halloween!! Pumpkin Quote: When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam may luck be yours on Halloween. Happy Halloween from System Pavers to you! Armstrong Coupon

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