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Inspire Your Backyard National Wine and Cheese Day Party with these Great Ideas

Inspire Your Backyard National Wine and Cheese Day Party with these Great Ideas

Jul 18 2019

Make Sure Your Backyard National Wine and Cheese Day Party is a Hit!

When you’re in charge of hosting a backyard National Wine and Cheese Day party, you want to be sure it’s one that people aren’t going to forget. By creating an atmosphere that feels like you’re right in the middle of Italy, France, or Spain, your guests are going to be talking about how much fun they had for the rest of the year!

Italian Al Fresco Dining on Your Paver Patio

In Italy, the residents love to dine al fresco on a variety of refreshing drinks and yummy cheeses. Some of the most popular include a delicious mozzarella or ricotta matched with either a Prosecco or Moscato d’ Asti.

After you go through and decide what kind of options you want to make available for your guests, you can set everything up on your inviting patio paver area with various props, lighting, and tableware to give a look and feel as though you’re actually dining in Italy!

French-Style Picnicking on Gorgeous Artificial Turf

Picture how the French sit in parks near the Eifel Tower and throughout the city for lovely picnics full of wine and cheese. You can do the same with your friends and family right on your own artificial turf lawn.

Get out your picnic basket and pack it full of a variety of choices like a Couronne de Fontenay cheese and a bottle of Pascal Jolivet Sancerre. If you’re expecting a hungry crew, toss in some cured meats like jambon, saucisson, or rosette. Don’t forget the bread and gherkins too! Hopefully, you have an outdoor sound system set up, and you can set the mood with some pleasant or romantic tunes.

Traditional Spanish Dining in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Spanish culture includes a solid value of family. Traditionally, the family gathers in the kitchen. When you want to enjoy your time together in the backyard, you can still make it happen with a fully functional outdoor kitchen space.

Strike up a conversation that lasts until after the sun goes down with your outdoor kitchen fully stocked with Spanish-style cheese like Don Juan Manchego that’s been aged beautifully for four months. This savory cheese pairs up perfectly with a Spanish Adega Albarino Condes De Albarei.

Regardless of who is coming to your backyard National Wine and Cheese Day party, it’s sure to be a hit. Fully equip your space with gorgeous patio pavers, comfortable artificial turf for picnicking, or even an entire outdoor kitchen space. Just be sure it’s all stocked with all your favorite wines and cheeses for taste testing and enjoy!