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How to Host a Backyard Tasting Party for National Wine Day

How to Host a Backyard Tasting Party for National Wine Day

May 16 2019

If there’s one thing we love just as much as outdoor living, it’s definitely wine. Red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, wine tasting, wine pairings, we love it all.

And with National Wine Day coming up on Saturday, May 25th, we wanted to share some of our favorite vino tips for hosting your own backyard tasting party. So invite neighbors and friends over for a great at-home wine pairing party, and make sure to celebrate responsibly!


No classy wine tasting party is complete without delicious, light appetizers to accompany all your drink options! To get the perfect variety, ask your invited guests to bring a pairing of a personal favorite wine and an appetizer of their choice.

Not only does this make things easier on the host, it allows guests a chance to share their favorite wine selection with everyone. Hosts can leave bar space open at the outdoor kitchen for guests to setup their appetizers.

If your guests need some inspiration on what appetizer would be good to pair with their vino selection, here are some delicious pairing options to start with:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon and beef sliders
  • Chardonnay and chicken quesadillas
  • Riesling and egg rolls

Of course, no matter what pairings your guests decide to contribute, the overall variety will present a wonderful range of options for your tasting!

Main Course

While appetizers are the perfect opportunity for guest participation since they are smaller and simpler in nature, main courses are typically provided by the host.

Since this is a backyard tasting party, you could go with grilling something up at the BBQ island. That way, you can maintain your interactions with your guests while serving up fresh and delicious food.

Plus, there are plenty of fantastic BBQ and wine meal pairings to choose from, such as BBQ chicken and lemon garlic asparagus paired with a Pinot Grigio or Shrimp and assorted veggies paired with a Chardonnay.

Wine and Unwind

Of course, the main goal of this wine-inspired weekend is to spend quality time with your guests and relax after a long week.

Once you and your guests are full and happy off delicious food and great wine, set aside time to gather by the outdoor fire pit or fireplace to talk and catch up on life and mutual interests.

If you’d prefer a more upbeat experience, you can opt for some fun fireside games like Apples to Apples, a giant Jenga set or, if you don’t have many physical games in your possession, a few rounds of charades.

In Summary

Turn National Wine Day into the perfect opportunity to have some fun and catch up with friends and/or neighbors. All it takes is a few pairings, a delicious main course, and the right outdoor ambiance.