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Springtime Tablescapes

Springtime Tablescapes

Mar 19 2015

Springtime Tablescape 

Springtime is the perfect time for an outdoor party, whether you are throwing a birthday bash, a wedding shower, or you are simply looking to have a garden party with all your nearest and dearest. One of the best things about throwing a party in your own outdoor area is you can combine decorative elements with existing fixtures and décor pieces in order to create a truly innovative atmosphere for your celebration.

When choosing cut flowers for your tablescape, one of the best places to draw inspiration is with what's already growing in your garden. But don't just choose flowers that match what's sprouting up. Consider complementary blooms within the same color family. Blue, white, and green bunches of hydrangea are perfect for those who already have pale lavender, blue, and white blooms in their garden. Meanwhile, those who have planted vividly colorful flowers such as poppies can opt for cheerful peonies to adorn their garden party table.

Springtime Tablescape Flowers 

Of course, for a themed affair such as a wedding shower or baby shower, you may already have a set color scheme that you would like to use. Pale blues and pinks (or pastel yellow, lavender, and green for a gender neutral option) are perfect for celebrating an upcoming addition to your family. Happy and youthful spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, and daisies are ideal! Meanwhile, for wedding showers, choose more romantic options – roses may be traditional, but don't count out orchids, lilies, or iris.

There are many unique and innovative ways to display your flowers. Plain glass vases may be traditional, but hardly offer the fun and whimsical touch needed for a springtime celebration! Consider a trip to the local antiques mall, where you can find ceramic vases, metallic teapots, and even items such as birdcages to display your flowers.

Get innovative and have fun! Even teacups can serve as great holders for small flower arrangements. (This option is highly recommended for children's parties and baby showers, as it is reminiscent of a certain "Alice in Wonderland" kind of whimsy.)

Once you've chosen the flowers it's time to turn to the rest of the table. Consider table linens such as napkins, tablecloths, and runners that fit within the color scheme, but that have something of their own to offer, whether it's a unique texture or a pattern.

Finish off your tablescape with other little details that celebrate the springtime atmosphere. Feathers, greenery, faux butterflies, faux bird's nests (a fun DIY project for those with kids) and other such items are perfect.

And once that's finished, remember to decorate other elements of your outdoor area with some of those same components to create a unified atmosphere that will be sure to delight your guests. Ribbons on trees, wreaths on doors using the same flowers adorning your table, and a floral garden for your patio are just a few options you may consider. Be creative and, above all, have fun! Springtime affairs are all about life, laughter, and joy, so keep that in mind as you design the tables for your celebrations. 


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