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Celebrating Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother's Day

May 07 2015

Mother's Day 

From grandmothers to moms-to-be, Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the most important women in your life. Originally founded by an activist named Anne Jarvis, who began her campaign to create a holiday to celebrate mothers in 1905, Mother's Day became a national holiday in 1914. Since then it has grown to be a major holiday that is celebrated in any of a number of different ways, with many families having their own special traditions. Whether your family has its own special traditions or not, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the mothers in your life.

Because it falls in the middle of the spring season, Mother's Day is the perfect time for a fun garden party. Whether you throw a party to honor the matriarch of your family, to honor all your family's moms, or even choose Mother's Day for a baby shower, there are plenty of different ways to go about celebrating the holiday.

One thing to keep in mind is that the carnation is the traditional flower of Mother's Day. Carnations can easily be crafted into beautiful centerpieces, wreaths, and other items. Choose red, pink, and white carnations for their traditional connotations, or opt for something a little more colorful for a whimsical touch. Of course, if the mothers that you are celebrating prefer other types of flowers, you can also opt for floral decorations that offer a more personal touch. Roses, orchids, and fun flowers such as tulips and daffodils all make for great options. You can also choose flowers from your own garden to create corsages and bouquets for mom, as well as decorations for the table at your garden party.

Traditionally, Mother's Day is celebrated as a brunch, so for a fun and seasonal twist to the standard trip to a nearby restaurant, think of creative ways to create brunch-worthy foods on the grill. Sausage grills up perfectly, and with a little bit of prep you can even grill delicious gourmet fare such as breakfast pizza. For a more casual celebration, consider a backyard barbeque with some of mom's favorites. Finish with delightful beverages such as melon-lemonade for a festive and refreshing meal.


 Mother's Day Brunch

One of the more fun aspects of Mother's Day is crafting special gifts for mothers and grandmothers. Those with smaller children can create personalized gifts for mom that can function as keepsakes for years to come. Concrete stepping stones decorated with handprints are beautiful, sentimental ornaments for gardens, and can easily be created with the use of do-it-yourself kits purchased from craft stores. You may also consider purchasing cheap ceramic flowerpots and paints and allowing kids to decorate them. (Fill them with pre-grown flowers so Mom can proudly display it on the patio through the season!)

And one last thing to keep in mind - the best gift of all for busy moms is a day to rest and relax, so be sure to give her the day off. Whether you throw her a party or simply give her a little bit of time to enjoy the sun as she putters around the garden, she will be sure to enjoy the thought and care you put into celebrating her special day.

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