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Design Your Outdoor Living Space  for Winter  | System Pavers

Design Your Outdoor Living Space for Winter | System Pavers

Jun 01 2015

Being near both the South Platte River and the Rocky Mountain foothills to the west, Denver is in a prime area for outdoor living and recreation in almost any form. The mountains and foothills provide an ideal environment for outdoor winter sports, and the weather generally provides a good level of snow.

Since that means you might find yourself with a good level of snow in your backyard for several months of the year as well, features that can be used year-round—or that will at least will hold up to weather conditions—are an important part of designing your backyard in this part of the country. System Pavers offers a few different types of products that can make it easier to enjoy your outdoor space just about any time of year:


Interlocking paving stones in different shapes, colors, and styles can be used to build an outdoor patio that will be useable even in snowier weather. When used for patios, walkways, or driveways, they can be shoveled easily. At the end of the winter, using stones as opposed to a single surface such as concrete—or even some other types of stone—can handle drainage from snowmelt easily, and will be able to handle the expansion and contraction from freezing and thawing without cracks and the potential need for heavy-duty seasonal maintenance.

Landscaping walls 

Among other effects, retaining walls can help to serve as windbreaks during colder parts of the year. Using walls to block off more useable areas can also help with enclosing heat, and make snow removal and runoff control more manageable. Different styles of stone walls and pillars can work with the style of paving stones, outdoor furniture, and the rest of your environment.

Fire pits and fireplaces

It’s also important to make sure you have a good level of heat sources if you’re going to be spending time outdoors in the winter. Fire pits can be custom designed to match decks, walkways and other features, in either round or square shapes and using a variety of stone colors. They can create a more pleasant central gathering area, especially for larger groups. A larger built-in outdoor fireplace also helps to create a focal point and a heat source while adding a touch of class to your outdoor space. Either will help extend the usability of an outdoor living room area.


Since winter evenings get dark earlier, you may want to make sure there are plenty of light sources as well as outdoor heat to avoid having to go back inside earlier than you would otherwise. System Pavers offers custom lighting designs for all outdoor spaces, small or large. Including outdoor lighting in your backyard will allow more opportunity to spend time outside once the sun goes down. Paired with your fire elements and a few added heat lamps, your space will be well equipped for winter.

Of course, depending on your taste, there may still be parts of the year when you won’t be spending as much time outside. For when you do, though, all of these options from System Pavers will help keep you comfortable even while out enjoying your outdoor living space.