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All the colors of the Rose!

All the colors of the Rose!

Jun 04 2015

Colors of Roses

No flower is more iconic, celebrated, and beloved than the rose. The complexity of their blooms is as enthralling as their fragrance, and millennia of cultivation have led to countless color variants, each of which has its unique secret meaning in the language of flowers. Whether you are looking for a special way to say "I love you" to a sweetheart or a way to show your affection for an important friend, there is likely to be a color of rose that holds that meaning. Here's a quick look at the language of roses, and how you can use this language in your floral displays.

Red roses are a classic, and everybody knows them as a symbol of romantic love. The history of the red rose as a symbol of love goes back to the days of the Ancient Greeks when the rose was a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite. However, variations of the red rose such as deep burgundy have an additional meaning, symbolizing "unconscious beauty."

White roses symbolize purity, innocence, and new life. In addition to their beauty, this makes them a popular choice for weddings. However, variations to the classic white can also carry additional meanings. Off-white or cream roses represent perfection while white roses with a green tint represent life and freshness.

Pink roses are attractive and feminine, a factor that has led them to represent grace and gentleness. However, different shades of pink can have different connotations. A deeper pink typically represents gratitude, making them the perfect flower to say "thank you" to someone special. Meanwhile, light pink roses represent sweetness and joy. A pale peach or "blush" colored rose meanwhile represents modesty, and carry connotations of sweet romanticism.

Yellow Roses

Other hues have varied meanings. In the distant past, yellow roses had a less than admirable meaning, representing infidelity. Fortunately, these cheerful flowers have now taken on a happier meaning, representing friendship and warmth. Meanwhile, orange roses carry a certain energy around them that makes them perfectly suited for representing celebration. Lavender or purple roses often represent a regal feeling or a sense of enchantment.

Apart from these roses, some blooms carry more than one hue. With a little creative thinking, one can assign any number of meanings to them! White and red striped roses typically symbolize love and unity, while yellow and red roses indicate a friendship that has transformed into love over time.

While roses complement any display, we recommend choosing a simpler vase for decorating with roses. Be sure to clean it out completely prior to using it for the most longevity possible. Likewise, trim and cut roses with clean shears. If taking them out of your garden, be sure to choose roses just after they have passed the bud stage, as their petals begin to open. Meanwhile, choose more open roses for their petals, to sprinkle across tabletops for a colorful and fragrant decorative touch. Be sure to consider the many meanings of roses when choosing them as decoration! The sweetness of pink roses makes them perfect for a young girl's birthday party or a baby shower (though you may want to scout out artificially produced blue blossoms for a boy-themed bash), while white and red roses are the perfect way to celebrate the union of two people coming together in love.


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