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Planning the Perfect Backyard Bridal Shower

Planning the Perfect Backyard Bridal Shower

Jul 28 2015



With wedding season in full bloom, there is no better time to begin planning the perfect backyard bridal shower. From cozy gatherings for your nearest and dearest to lavish themed affairs, there are plenty of great ways to put together a wedding shower that will be almost as memorable as the big day. From flowers to table arrangements, décor, and much more, there are plenty of great ways to transform an outdoor space into the perfect venue for celebrating love, laughter, and the beginning of a new life together for the happy couple.

To get started decorating, take into account the flowers already in bloom in the outdoor area, and then find new and unexpected ways to incorporate even more flowers into the setup. Budget conscious hosts can use glass bottles, vases and other similar items to craft gorgeous centerpieces with a few fresh flowers. Choose flowers that complement those already growing in your garden for a true wedding shower wonderland. From romantic options such as roses and hydrangeas to more whimsical options such as colorful daisies and mums, there are plenty of ways to go to set the tone for the shower.

In addition to centerpieces for tables, flower garlands can help build an incredible atmosphere. Buy garlands premade, or craft your own with faux flowers. A flower "chandelier" can also be used as a focal point. Simply string a handful of flowers from an embroidery hoop and hang it above the table for a beautiful and unexpected piece of décor.

 bridal shower tea party


There are many different ways to plan a great meal for a shower. Buffet style is perfect for a summertime wedding shower. Craft a drinks table, hors d'oeuvres table, and a dessert table for easy serving options. Or for a slightly more elegant affair, consider a tea party theme. Borrow a variety of dishes for a fun and whimsical atmosphere, or even scour antiques stores prior to the event for an affordable and fun array of cups, plates, and saucers. (Matching china also makes for a great centerpiece that will help transform your shower theme into something truly extraordinary!)

 lavender potpourri


Don't forget fun themed party favors as you plan the event! Favorite options include scented candles, potpourri sachets featuring lavender and other aromatic plants, and other similar options, all of which you can craft at home for a personal touch. If you do opt to purchase teacups or similar items for the shower, you can even send them home with guests as a unique party favor that they can keep for years to come. 

Be sure to create fun games and activities that allow for keepsakes for the bride and groom, as well. For example, pass out wooden spoons and sharpies and allow guests in attendance to write their own "recipe for a happy marriage" on the spoons. Collect them all as a touching way of sending your well-wishes home with the soon-to-be newlyweds! It doesn't take much to craft a truly remarkable celebration that will be almost as memorable as the bride and groom's big day.

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