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Paving Stone Ideas, Patterns, and Designs

Paving Stone Ideas, Patterns, and Designs

Aug 18 2015

Like a blank canvass, your yard holds the potential of becoming a beautiful masterpiece. Whether it’s your driveway, walkway or patio, your home can reflect your own unique style and architecture. Creating contoured paving stone lines for accentuating the flow of foot traffic or a personal coat of arms inlayed on your driveway, there are many artistic paving stone patterns to grant you endless opportunities for bringing your dream to life.


From circles to squares, there are over 50 unique patterns to work with. Patterns can be used repeatedly or as an accent to accentuate a certain area of your yard. Half circles or fans can be used at a door entry where a doormat might go.

Circle Paver Pattern



What says “home” better than a customized inlay design on your driveway or patio? Think of a symbol that would represent your home – chances are, it can be done. Perfect for creating a one-of-a-kind design to showcase your style or interests.

Flower Paver Inlay



Perfect for a timeless look, this simple yet elegant style complements a variety of home styles. Take a monochromatic approach by mixing different shades and tones of your select a few of your favorite colors to mix and match. This is a great way to accent the exterior of your home. 

Paver pool design



Similar to a framed photo, a border helps showcase the beautiful craftsmanship of your paving stone system.  Borders can be traditional squares or you can add interest by using multiple borders in straight or curved lines. Play with different border colors to make the border standout.

driveway paver border 



Take your favorite design elements and mix them together for a truely unique design. Maybe it's a circle border with an inlay design in the center. Whatever you dream up, it can be done.

Custom Driveway Paver Design

Unlike concrete or brick, your paving stone surface is completely customizable. Don't be affraid to use your creativity and let your home be a visual expression of you and your style. With many patterns and colors to choose from, your outdoor makeover should truely be designed around you and your lifestyle.

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