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My Light Was Out

My Light Was Out

Aug 31 2015

Outdoor Lighting

Guest Blog: Sam the Cooking Guy

We recently spent a week in Canada for a family wedding. Canada is truly magnificent and if you ever get a chance to go to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, you should go.  But I digress… 

As we arrived home from the airport the other night and pulled up in front of our house I noticed something.  One of our 2 front garage lights was out. Geez.  Ok, so you might say I’m being a bit dramatic, but it really bugged me.  Say what you want, but my home is my castle, and I want my castle to look good.  And if just a single light out bothered me, think about what changes or fixes you could make. 

Does your garage door need attention?  A hedge trimmed or replaced?  Could the trim use a coat of paint?  Perhaps the drive or walkway would benefit from being replaced? Make your castle look good.  We often give the inside of our homes attention because that’s where we spend most of the time – but take a moment to look over the outside. 

And don’t forget how you feel when you see a neighbor’s home that needs something fixed  “I wish the Jones’ would fix that broken rain gutter pipe, it looks awful!” Well, think like that, but for your own place. 


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