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Design Book: Traditional

Design Book: Traditional

Sep 02 2015

Each month, we’ll walk you through the creative process behind these great outdoor spaces.

From inspiration to design, allow System Pavers to create an outdoor living space that is truly designed around you.

Take a moment to imagine enjoying the garden paths of Versailles during the 17th century in France. Gardens filled with statues and highly manicured plants were important to kings and queens of the day. They wanted to display their wealth to all of their subjects and the gardens they created represented that wealth.

Today, traditional gardens are more functional and well-defined and are not created for anyone, but the homeowner to enjoy. They are beautiful outdoor living spaces that include elements such as a fireplace, built-in barbecue and a pool. Common materials used in a traditional garden are wood, wrought iron, brick, and pavers. They are simple but elegant spaces.

Inspirational Element:

Traditional design has been around for centuries. Used by many to create comfortable and livable spaces. It is a style that isn’t stuffy but at the same time not too fussy. It has clean lines and creates a calmness that is relaxing and enjoyable for all.

Color Palette

Traditional design has been around for centuries. Used by many to create comfortable and livable spaces. It is a style that isn’t stuffy but at the same time not too fussy. It has clean lines and creates a calmness that is relaxing and enjoyable for all.

Design Influencers

Textures and Patterns

The dark gray color for the pavers was chosen to accentuate the home. While allowing the natural texture of the stones to incorporate into the landscape design. From the patio to the pool deck, paving stones were the perfect textural addition to this design.

Plants and Foliage

Plant life was a key component to bringing nature back into this outdoor design. We wanted to soften the area with planter urns filled with fir trees and use the climbing roses on the trellis as a focal point back to the home, framing the entryway. Making it welcoming and appealing with both the smell of the flowers and visually with the texture of the vines.

Mondo grass would be a wonderful addition to any flower bed around the yard. With its stark contrast of dense, purplish black colors and dark lavender flowers with purple fall berries it would add interest and texture to this space.

Lifestyle Considerations

When creating a traditional outdoor design, clean lines, and neutral colors will dominate this space. Things to consider include:

  • How do you plan to use the outdoor area?
  • Is being pet and kid friendly important to you?
  • Do you plan to use this space for entertaining?

Consider all of these options, and use them to create your traditional space.

Bringing the Design to Life

Using the traditional lines for this area, we created a comfortable and inviting area to spend time with friends and family. While the pavers meet all the way up to the home, it is still a warm and inviting space. The urns and outdoor furniture soften the gray pavers and the varying shades of gray, make it visually inviting. The use of red and white pavers around the edge of the pool mimic the steps leading up to the door and tie back into the home. The grays, earth tones all work together to create a traditional space with pops of green and white helping to bring this space to life.While also making it a relaxing retreat for friends and family to enjoy.

Finishing Touches

Seating and Entertaining

Wrought iron is a traditional element used in lounge chairs, tables and trellises in many outdoor living spaces. Wrought iron can last a lifetime if cared for properly. It is strong, sturdy and weather resistant. The term “wrought iron” was typically thought of as a metal product that was produced by heating and hammering it into shape, and while some pieces are still created this way today’s “wrought iron” is actually molded in factories. Still making it a very elegant and durable type of outdoor patio accessory. When wrought iron furniture is not in use it is advisable to invest in outdoor furniture covers to help it last for many years.

Cushions & Fabrics

Simple lines and patterns continue to keep with the traditional design. Choose neutral colors for fabrics. Colors such as cinnamon, mahogany, grays, taupe, greens and other neutrals will help to create a relaxing and rich color palette. Cushions and fabrics need to be more subdued to blend in with nature.

Evening Lighting

Consider adding lighting that adds to the homes charm while keeping the traditional look and feel. Colors should blend in with the color of the home and not take away from the home’s architecture or garden features. Consider adding lighting into your planters and walkway to keep the natural feel of the outdoors while lighting up the way around the outdoor living space.

Potted Plants

Use wood planting boxes or garden urns to add elegance and charm to this space. Select long-lasting teak or cedar planting boxes to give your garden design a unified look. Making sure to add plastic liners to help extend the life of the wooden planter. Also avoid adding stains or sealers to the planting boxes as these are sometimes toxic to plants. Wooden planter boxes can combine features like benches and trellises making them a functional piece of your outdoor living space. Or try adding large cast iron urns to add vertical interest and texture to the area of your pavers. Garden urns can come in other materials such as resin or fiberglass creating the look of cast iron. They are also sometimes created without proper drainage so make sure to check that there are adequate drainage holes available prior to planting.

Whether you choose a traditional landscaping design because you love the simplicity of the lines or want to have the feel of a home of aristocrats, using these colors and paving style will bring your outdoor living space to life. When working with a design team such as System Pavers, you can bring your ideas to the table and make use of our expert knowledge to craft an outdoor space that is as functional as it is attractive. And the use of elements such as our paving stones makes for even more design opportunities!

To learn more about how to make your traditional landscaping dreams a reality, contact us today!

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