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Celebrate Animals this Holiday Season with Unique Gift Ideas from The Humane Society of the United States

Celebrate Animals this Holiday Season with Unique Gift Ideas from The Humane Society of the United States

Sep 15 2015


The Humane Society of the United States has great gift suggestions for everyone searching for the perfect holiday gifts for pet owners, pets or others who care about animals.

A spokesperson for The HSUS said: “The Humane Society of the United States offers many ways for people to celebrate the holidays while supporting efforts to protect animals.”

The HSUS reminds shoppers that giving a pet as a surprise gift is not recommended because pets are a long-term commitment that should be thought through carefully by the caretaker.

  • Visit to make special holiday gift donations to The Humane Society of the United States. With a gift donation of $25 or more to The HSUS, your gift recipient will receive a personalized greeting card with your special message, and both you and your gift recipient will also receive a one year subscription to The HSUS’ award-winning All Animals magazine.
  • Help support the life-saving work of Humane Society International by giving a Humane Gift. Humane Gifts is a symbolic program that allows you to give meaningful gifts to your friends and family—or simply as your way of helping animals for this occasion. Your donation will be put to work right away, helping animals who need it most all around the world.
  • The HSUS’ new online store within The Animal Rescue Sitehas a wide selection of cause gear, jewelry and sales that can’t be beat.
  • The HSUS’ list of fur-free retailers and designersis a valuable tool for anyone looking for a more humane way to shop.
  • Bimonthly, full-color, and broad-reaching in content, Animal Sheltering magazine is for everyone working for the animals in their community—from humane society directors and city animal control managers to kennel staff, volunteers, and private individuals working as activists, breed rescuers, wildlife rehabbers, veterinarians and more. Send Animal Sheltering magazine to your local shelter or rescue as a thank you for all that they do to help animals in your community.
  • Keep the kindness coming year-round with a gift subscription to Kind News, our magazine for children in grades K-6. This eight-page magazine is filled with profiles of amazing kids, features about rescued animals, pet care tips, and how-tos on helping backyard wildlife. A home subscription is only $8 per year and includes one copy of each issue of Kind News, delivered to a child's home bimonthly throughout the year. A classroom subscription, a great gift idea for teachers, is $30 per year and includes 28 copies of each issue plus a teacher's guide, delivered to schools five times throughout the school year. Learn more and subscribe.

The HSUS’ corporate supporters also offer some great gift ideas that support animals:

  • Fred Meyer Jewelers' PAWSitively Yours diamond pawprint collection honors pets with $3 from each purchase going to The HSUS' efforts to stop puppy mills and rescue animals from danger and large-scale cruelty situations. Support the cause at
  • features HSUS merchandise, such as animal protection campaign stickers, tote bags and posters, and holiday postage with designs from artist Ron Burns and MUTTS® cartoonist Patrick McDonnell. The HSUS earns 15 percent of sales tracked through this link.

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