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4 Fall outdoor activities everyone will enjoy

4 Fall outdoor activities everyone will enjoy

Nov 01 2018

The transition from summer to fall means less heat, more sweaters and an inclination to stay indoors. Everyone wants to cozy up on the couch and watch television, bake cookies and watch holiday movies. However, it is so important to stay active and continue enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Studies show that spending more time outdoors can help people bond with each other. It can also help to keep any seasonal depression out of mind. The days may be shorter during fall, but they can still be enjoyed to the fullest.

Here are four fall outdoor activities that any homeowner can set up in their outdoor living space:

1. Turf Bacci Ball

With an artificial turf lawn, homeowners can enjoy having premium playing space for bacci ball. Bacci ball is an easy yet fun game that can be played with a group of friends or the whole family. Artificial turf is an ideal surface for bacci ball since it is an even surface and free of holes and little hills.

All you need to play is some artificial turf and a bacci ball set, which you can surely find at your local sporting goods store or online retailer. Accompany the game with some fall inspired drinks, such as spiked pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin spice hot cocoa for the kids and the day will be a huge hit.

2. Butterbeer Brewing

Anyone who has read the Harry Potter books or watched the movies knows about butterbeer! It is a favorite among kids, young adults and parents alike!

The process is actually easier than most would imagine and can be made at the outdoor kitchen for simple cleanup. All it requires is some ginger beer, cream soda, and butterscotch ice cream topping! Harry Potter fanatics know this drink is meant to have some alcohol, which can be easily remedied. Adults can add vodka or the spirit of their choice to their butterbeer. A detailed recipe is available here.

3. Pumpkin Checkers

Chalk is perfect for taking a patio surface and making it something fun for the kids to play on. Hopscotch, chalk angels, or even a checker board. Take some white chalk and create a checkers board with a total of 64 squares, coloring in every other square.

For a game of checkers, you’ll need 24 pumpkins total. Mini pumpkins can be bought at most grocery or general stores, especially when the fall season is in full swing! To tell the difference between each players pumpkins, paint 12 of the 24 pumpkins a color of your choice. This is a perfect game to play as a family, when the kids invite some of their friends over or even with some friends and a few bottles of wine.

4. All’aperto Dining

For those that haven’t heard of all’aperto dining, it’s an Italian term for dining outdoors. Italians love to dine outside in the beautiful weather because they know that the notion of food tasting better depending on the environment is true.

And all’aperto dining is made for fall! The evenings are still slightly warm, sunny and enjoyable. Simply set up a dining table on the paver patio, under a covered pergola or over by the outdoor kitchen and invite friends, family, neighbors and colleagues over to enjoy some great food and some beautiful weather.

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