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3 ways to make your outdoor space the spookiest on the block this Halloween

3 ways to make your outdoor space the spookiest on the block this Halloween

Oct 19 2018

The ghoulish décor has started making its way onto the shelves and that can only mean one thing - Halloween is only a few weeks away! Halloween is one of those holidays that everyone enjoys. Young and old, single or married, kids or no kids, there’s something for everyone to do on Halloween. From parties to trick or treating and passing out candy, everyone in the neighborhood can have an absolute blast on Halloween night.

Setting up the outdoor space in preparation for Halloween only adds to the excitement. Here are three ways that any home can be transformed into a spooky paradise in preparation for this thrilling holiday.

1. Creative Pumpkins

Everyone puts out at least one or two pumpkins in the yard when Halloween approaches. But how about going a step further and adding original character paintings or festive accessories to those pumpkins?

Each person in the house can come together and paint or carve out their pumpkin, creating the perfect design to symbolize what they find most exciting for this holiday.

Pumpkins boasting a witch, black cat, vampires, skeletons or Frankenstein are so much fun! Adding them to the front porch, pergola, the mantle of an outdoor fireplace or the back patio area will help to create the perfect Halloween-theme for your home.

2. Fun and Creepy Decor

Halloween means getting out all those eerie accessories and decorations! Spider webs are a great place to start since they can be placed pretty much anywhere outdoors. They can go on the trees, an outdoor pergola, or paver sitting walls. Combining the webs with a few fake spiders that stand out will really bring out the creepiness of the webs.

Mummies are another great Halloween decoration as well. Everything that is not going to get wet, such as the front and back door, porch area and other outdoor accent features can be transformed into mummies. Moreover, by using plastic wrap over the mummification, you do not have to worry about the “mummies” getting damaged because of the weather.

3. Spooky Outdoor Lighting

Along with your eerie holiday décor, every home should have outdoor lights to brighten up the front and back porch, driveway and other outdoor spaces.

By switching out the bulbs in an outdoor lighting design for orange, green and white, homeowners can create the perfect ambiance as everyone gets into the Halloween spirit. These bulbs will stand out in the front yard as all the fun, creepy decorations, pumpkins and accessories are on show!

Homeowners can even buy a few orange string lights that run on batteries or plug into an outlet. These would be perfect for the pergola poles, plants, or wrapped around trees, furniture, and other outdoor monuments.

With a little planning, Halloween can be one of the best occasions to decorate the home and get into the holiday spirit!