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Creating a Golfer's Dream Backyard

Creating a Golfer's Dream Backyard

Jun 22 2018

Does someone in the family love playing golf? People assume that it is only possible to practice their golf game at a nearby range. While it may not be possible to have an entire golf course in the backyard, there are plenty of alternative options to help you achieve creating a dream backyard for the avid golfer.

Create a Putting Green

Putting greens are a lot easier to set up than most imagine, although you should still consult a professional when you're ready to start a new putting green project. With some professional grade artificial turf and a design consultant by your side, an at home putting green is easily achievable. 

The size of your yard and how much of that space you're wanting to dedicate solely to the putting green will determine how big your setup is. Whether your space fits one hole or eight, it's still enough to get some at home practice in with friends and family after work or on the weekends. In an outdoor living space with multiple holes, homeowners can easily re-number the holes and change up the course to keep things fresh and fun.

Professional Design and Application

Being able to come home after a long day and walk straight into the backyard to start to putting balls into the holes is something that every golfer dreams about! When consulting with a professional, it's important to make sure they're using professional grade artificial turf. It will look and feel as good as the greens located in the best golf courses around the world.

Create a Fun, Portable Bar Cart

A trip to the golf course is not complete before sitting in a golf cart at least one time! They have become synonymous with courses around the country. While a golf cart may not be needed for at home green, creating a portable bar in the design of a golf cart is a fun way to further enhance that “golf course in the backyard” theme.

Invite Friends Over to Play

With a perfect putting green, portable bar cart, and updated hardscape design, you'll be ready to invite friends and family members to enjoy the leisure of your at home course. Set up the bar cart in the middle of the "green" and make sure it has it's own umbrella attachment to keep the drinks cool. Starts the course in small groups so things don't get too crowded on the course. Fire up your outdoor BBQ and grill up a post-golf feast for everyone to enjoy after they finish their rounds on the course. Lastly, enjoy making lifetime memories and increasing your golf game with this unique outdoor design element.

Set Up a Weatherproof Storage Area

Take a small corner of the backyard and set up a storage area. It is best to create a weatherproof storage area where all the putting equipment can go. Golf flags, putters, golf balls and other accessories can be neatly tucked away, leaving the yard looking stunning all the time.

With summer coming up, it is the perfect time to elevate a backyard into a golfer’s paradise by setting up a putting green!

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