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San Diego Livin': Eclectic Culture and Outdoor Lifestyle

San Diego Livin': Eclectic Culture and Outdoor Lifestyle

Jun 14 2018

Known to many as the “birthplace of California,” San Diego is one of the most unique areas within the United States. It is a wonderful place to grow up, raise a family, retire or even move as a single individual. Around 5 million people live in the San Diego area, which speaks volumes about how lovable of a place is it to live.

An Outdoor Enthusiast’s Paradise

San Diego is a dream city for those who love to spend time outdoors. Since the weather in San Diego is warm and sunny, pretty much, all year long, simply hanging out on the patio grilling up some food with friends at the built-in BBQ island or heading for a hike at the Torrey Pines State Park are every day treats. San Diego is also home to some of thee best surfing spots in the state of California.

If animals and wildlife peak your interest, there is plenty to explore in San Diego. From SeaWorld to Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo, there is always something for the animal lover to enjoy. San Diego is not one of those places where kids spend their whole day indoors playing on their phones, or where adults are stuck inside day in and day out due to extreme weather conditions. Families go out, spend time with nature and the community, before coming home and relaxing by their swimming pool or fire pit.

Perfect Climate

Even statisticians suggest that San Diego has one of the best climates in the United States. And those who live there would agree. The summers are mostly dry, with pleasant and warm days coupled with slightly cooler nights. The winters are very mild, with a jacket only required during some cold spells or very late at night.

For most of the year, the average high ranges from 65 to 75, showing how incredibly pleasant it is throughout the year. There are also an average of 266 sunny days in San Diego each year. That’s a whopping 72% of the year! This is clearly why so many homeowners love to have a nice outdoor living space in their home. Unlike other parts of the world, it is not a place where they would only hang out during the spring and fall months. San Diego is an outdoor paradise all year!

Diversity All Around

One of the most unique things about San Diego is the culture. It is influenced heavily by the blending of American and Mexican cultures, given it is a border town between the two nations. There is a significant presence of Hispanic culture, while other cultures also play a prominent role in San Diego, like Little Italy San Diego.

The advantage of living in such an ethnically diverse area is being exposed to so many different ideas, lifestyles, and cultures. Not to mention all the incredible food from different parts of the world. San Diego is known for its incredible Mexican, Italian, French and Spanish cuisines. Over the past couple of decades, Asian cuisine has also started making a big impact on the area.

Moving to San Diego

Those who do not live in San Diego and are considering moving should know that it is the ideal moment to make a change. Despite its heavy population, San Diego is still a very appealing city for people to move to. It is expanding at a solid rate, while some housing trends suggest that prices will go up by around 9 percent annually during the next few years. The median listing price for a home in San Diego is at roughly $650,000.’