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Hosting a Backyard Wine and Dine for National Wine Day

Hosting a Backyard Wine and Dine for National Wine Day

May 17 2018

From watermelon to peaches, clams to romaine lettuce, most foods can easily and deliciously be prepared on a BBQ grill. And with National Wine Day right around the corner, what better way to celebrate one of the nation's favorite holidays than with a unique BBQ and vino dinner party hosted at your outdoor kitchen?! So fire up the grill and break out the wine, it's time to take hold of this new trend and enjoy some terrific wine pairings from our friends at The California Wine Club.

Fryin’ Fruit

Plums, Peaches and Pears

Remove pit, cut into wedges. Grill until marks appear. Enjoy with pork chops, in salads or as a light side.


Slice lengthwise in their peels, brush with olive oil. Or, grill without peels, dipped in butter, coated in brown sugar, wrapped in foil. Add ice cream and whipped cream for an updated banana split.

Wine Pairing

Whether you are grilling fruit as a side, or a dessert, uncork a bone-dry Rose and wow the crowd.

Salad Sizzle

Salad Kabob

Skewer romaine heart, a chunk of bread and a cooked piece of chicken breast. Grill it, drizzle with Caesar dressing and Parmesan.

Wine Pairing

A light meal is ideal on a hot summer night, wine is a natural pick and like the meal, should always be light. Think crisp Chardonnay, fruity Pinot Noir or a bright Sauvignon Blanc.

Meaty Morsels

Be Adventurous

Go beyond burgers and steaks to wilder fare now popular on elite wine country restaurant menus: Emu, Clams, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Buffalo, and Wild Boar.

Wine Pairing

These meaty morsels pair up beautifully with an equally "meaty" wine like Syrah, Malbec or Cabernet (of course!).

Grilling Musts:

  • Keep your grill grate clean to prevent sticking.
  • Preheat grill before putting food on it.
  • Trim excess fat, and move meat to a different part of the grill when you turn it to avoid flare-ups.
  • Use a grill basket for foods that can easily fall through the grates.
  • Oil your meat, not the grill
  • Spice up your food a good hour before you grill to let flavor sink in.
  • Use sauces and marinades towards the end of the cooking time.
  • Remember to let your meat rest (keep warm with foil to keep warm) before carving.

Get ready for summer entertaining and stock your cellar now.  From crisp whites to jammy Zinfandels for burgers, juicy Syrahs for ribs and a Pinot Noir for everything in between you'll find it at The California Wine Club.

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