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3 Outdoor Living Trends for Spring

3 Outdoor Living Trends for Spring

Feb 23 2018

With spring fast approaching, homeowners are starting to think about how they can remodel and revamp their outdoor spaces. Whether it is homeowners who have moved into new houses over the winter or those who are just bored with their outdoor space, the need for change is very real. Here is a look at some of the most interesting spring outdoor living trends, and how they can help enhance your outdoor living lifestyle!

1. Enclosed Outdoor Living Areas

When assessing the outdoor spaces in most homes, it is all about openness and large spaces. But many homeowners are starting to embrace the idea of enclosed outdoor living areas. Whether it is a secluded or private outdoor room or a little paver courtyard escape that is detached from the rest of the garden, these spaces are easily achievable. All it takes is a covered pergola, some innovative design expertise, curtain rods, and hedges. It is best to set up both the pergola or the paver courtyard off the side of the house because there is already one secluded wall present.

2. Outdoor Accessories

Homeowners want their outdoor space to feel like a true extension of their interior. It is so much easier to achieve this utilizing outdoor accessories. These accessories can add an element of personalization and customization that may have been missing. For instance, Zen garden figures, stone benches, tranquil water fountains, dramatic fire bowls and other elements can add an amazing ambiance to any outdoor living space.

A fire bowl is practical yet elegant, instantly inviting guests to gather around and have a wonderful time. Water fountains can add an element of tranquility that is necessary for those who want to relax and meditate outdoors. Even Zen garden figures and stone benches can add a spiritual element to your space.

3. Creating Zones

One of the biggest issues with hosting outdoor parties is that everyone is hanging out in the same spot. Even if the patio is vast and has so many interesting features, everyone gathers around in one spot, usually wherever the food is. That is not what homeowners want. They prefer guests to mingle throughout the space. Creating zones in the hardscape design can help with this, a lot.

It ensures party guests can get into little groups and mingle everywhere. The hardscape design can create zones around the major points of the space. For instance, a backyard that has a fire pit, BBQ grill, and a sitting wall with accompanying benches and chairs – that is an area with three distinct zones. The hardscape design can ensure these zones seem distinct and are separated, but also linked, and that will prompt people to spread themselves out among the three areas.

When winter transforms into spring, everyone starts heading outdoors. After months of huddling around the heater or staying inside, it is time to let loose and have some outdoor fun. That is why it is so important to revamp an outdoor space as the season is about to begin. Then it can be enjoyed for the next seven to eight months!

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