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How to Create a Courtyard Garden Escape

How to Create a Courtyard Garden Escape

Feb 12 2018

Do you have days when you find yourself needing a few moments to escape the craziness of life? Maybe you are tired of being indoors all the time, or you just need a few moments to yourself in between work, cleaning, cooking, sports games and the never-ending day to day tasks. We know it’s not easy to escape, but it can become much more convenient to slip away for a short period of time when you have a paver courtyard escape right at home. Whether you like to meditate, do yoga, cozy up with a book or just sit and listen to the breeze, you can find that comfort in your own outdoor courtyard oasis. Even those who have limited space can create a little getaway spot that is just their own. Here is how to make it happen.

Sense of Enclosure

The key to a courtyard garden is to create a sense of enclosure for optimal privacy. If there are four walls where you plan to incorporate your courtyard that relatively close to each other, the job is mostly done. And if there are only two or three enclosing walls, this won’t be an issue. A planted hedge can get the job done, and lattice blanketed with vines also works very well. The goal is to create a space that feels separate and secluded from all other areas of your home or outdoor living space. Even if it’s just to get a quick 30-minute yoga session in while the kids nap, you’ll be close enough on your courtyard patio to bring the baby monitor and be able to run upstairs at a moments notice if needed.

Create a Paver Walkway

When creating a courtyard oasis, you’ll want a stable foundation to relax on and a pathway that leads to your oasis. A small paver walkway would be the perfect way to lead into your paver courtyard patio. Create a sense of wonder with a pathway that ends before the entryway to your courtyard. With the sides covered in hedges or vines, guests and even little ones might think the path is a dead end. Surprise them all when you walk around the corner only to find your hidden courtyard treasure. Here you could install a custom paver patio, artificial turf, or a combination of both- it all depends on what your needs are. 

Embrace the Seclusion

When crafting a courtyard garden escape, it’s important to think differently when it comes to the surrounding hardscape and garden design. With a normal garden or backyard design, the idea is usually to create more openness and spaciousness. With the courtyard escape, however, it’s vital to embrace those secluded vibes. Plenty of greenery is also needed in this area, as it will let the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding landscape to shine through.

Add a Fire or Water Element

Homeowners who have a bit more space to work with can consider adding a water or fire element to their courtyard escape. Either a small fountain or water feature, or a fire pit would work great for a courtyard escape without taking away from the amount of usable space. The fire pit adds to the cozy feel of your courtyard, especially during colder months. Though not as practical for winter warmth a water feature adds tranquility to those relaxation vibes.

Homeowners who are in need of a quiet escape or outdoor space they can call their own can easily find this in a little courtyard oasis. Sometimes it feels amazing to get out of the house and into a little space where no one can find you. So take your time and enjoy the seclusion. Who knows how long it will last.

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