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3 at Home Valentine's Day Ideas Worth Swooning Over

3 at Home Valentine's Day Ideas Worth Swooning Over

Jan 26 2018

As the winter season continues to carry on, it can start to feel as though the holidays are all jam packed back to back. And as soon as New Year’s Day passes, stores and people alike immediately start thinking about Valentine’s Day and what we should do to celebrate with the person that we care about the most. Whether you are in a new relationship, want coming Valentine’s Day to be a memorable one for your spouse, or maybe just want to be that special Valentine for your kiddos, we have three at-home celebratory ideas that we hope you’ll love.

1. Cook Dinner Outdoors

There is always a frantic rush to book a table at the nicest or most favored restaurants in the area for Valentine’s Day. And while we’re not saying this is a bad option, there are others out there that can certainly be more meaningful for your loved one, and for you. when you have a special connection with a person, it can feel even more incredible to do something thoughtful for them.

So, why not fire up the grill and make their favorite meal instead? You can set up your outdoor area and the kitchen more beautifully than any restaurant, and add all the personal touches your heart desires. Maybe you created a rose petal path that leads from the front door to your outdoor living space, or perhaps you can string fairy lights over your outdoor patio and have your song playing when your lover comes home. Nothing says romance more than a private dance to your song in the comfort of the home you have built together.

2. Having a Sunset Picnic Outside

While there are definitely some parks that paint a more romantic setting, why not spend your time outdoors together in a much more intimate setting? You can always opt for an at home picnic on your artificial turf or paver patio instead. And when we say picnic, we’re not just envisioning a blanket laid down and a wicker basket full of food.  

Break out the plush pillows, throw blankets and even those patio furniture cushions. Start by making a bed of outdoor cushions (no worries about them being on the turf or pavers as long as they’re weatherproof), then lay down some of the nice throw blankets and top with pillows surrounding the perimeter of your picnic area. Now set the mood with those outdoor lights, set some candles out on the nearest sitting wall and hit play on that playlist you’ve been working on just for this special day.

3. Cozying Up to An Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

There really is something genuinely romantic about sitting outside in your own back yard with the person you care about, gazing into a fire and spending a romantic night together. This idea can easily be achieved with a little help from an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Not only is an outdoor fire pit or fireplace perfect for enjoyment all year long, day in and day out, but they’re also both wonderful elements to set a romantic setting for your Valentine’s Day celebration.

The night will be perfect. You can cook a lovely dinner for your significant other, either grilled or in the kitchen, and then have a few drinks by the fireplace as you relax and spend quality time talking with each other.