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3 Easy Ways to Keep up Your Resolutions at Home

3 Easy Ways to Keep up Your Resolutions at Home

Jan 25 2018

The first month of a New Year is always an exciting time, with everyone anticipating what the next 12 months will bring and striving to keep up with their resolutions. If you have some resolutions that you’re dead set on sticking to, you know you’ll have to plan ahead to keep them up. Instead of looking to outside places like the gym, meal prep companies or an expensive spa- consider how much you can accomplish for the new year right in the comfort of your own home. Here are three easy ways that you can keep the most common New Year’s resolutions by utilizing your outdoor living space, all while having fun in the process.

1. Grilling Healthy Meals Outdoors

Cooking outdoors is truly more exciting than cooking indoors, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. So, before you opt for ordering from that expensive meal prep program your co-worker told you about, try spicing up your meals using your outdoor BBQ grill. A lot of people associate grilling with hot dogs and burgers, but you can be healthy and still get those wonderful char marks on your food.

Consider what foods you love and find a recipe on how to grill those items. There’s plenty of resources out there to teach you just how easy and healthy is to prepare your meals on the grill. Chicken breasts, fish, pork chops, fresh vegetables and other items all make for great BBQ’d meals. Forget about those fatty and unhealthy meats that you would normally think about grilling and ditch the expensive meal prepping for your own outdoor alternative.

2. Exercising on an Artificial Turf lawn

Exercising outdoors is favored by many, and for good reason. Fresh air, nature’s beauty- it’s hard not to feel inspired for a workout when you’re outdoors. Instead of spending money on a monthly membership, dealing with crowded gyms and having to wait to use your favorite machines, set up an exercise area in the backyard on your artificial turf lawn. SP Turf is eco and allergen-friendly, comes with antimicrobial infill, and is great for at home workouts.

You can start slowly with something like yoga, and then you can move on to other stretches and more serious workouts. Try just committing 15 minutes a day to start, then bump it up each week until you hit one hour. Artificial turf is also perfect for Pilates, sports such as soccer or baseball, kickboxing, and weightlifting. Now you really have no excuse not to keep up with your exercise resolution!

3. Relaxing by the Outdoor Features or Fireplace

One easy way to persuade yourself into spending more time relaxing or reflecting, is to get a lovely water feature, fire pit or fireplace set up. Your outdoor feature could be anything, but should always be something that will help relax you. Maybe something such as a small water feature to enhance tranquility, a little oasis of plants and flowers to meditate among, or a relaxing fire pit with a comfortable seating area. Just a little space where you can go to get some peace and quiet. And if you were to set up a fireplace or fire pit outdoors, it would be the ideal spot for the entire family to hang out in the evenings, even in the winter!

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