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2 Ways to Live More Life Outdoors in Denver, Colorado

2 Ways to Live More Life Outdoors in Denver, Colorado

Dec 08 2017

There are many places where winter is a time to slow down, shut down shop, stay in, and await the balmier climes of spring. Denver, Colorado is not one of these places.



As millions converge in Denver for some of the best skiing one can find in the country, locals join in and keep the momentum going by getting out and appreciating the peak season. Just ask anyone - some of the most breathtaking views of the Rockies are available in the dead of winter. And you won’t know unless you get outside and enjoy the view.


The Backyard After Party

Winter festivities in Denver are not to be missed. In addition to the usual activities on offer at the area’s many resorts, people in the Mile-High City are stepping out to events like Santa’s Village, Blossoms of Light, ice skating at the Denver International Airport, and of course, Winter Brew Fest at Mile High Station.


But meeting up with old friends along the way demands a plan for the after party. Guests can enjoy the crisp air back home for a round of drinks by the fire pit, or on the pergola with a few quality heat lamps.


Closing in the sides of your pergola transforms it from summer hangout to winter meetup, as it stems the flow of frosty air. With winter-friendly features, why not host your own winter festival? Bright white days and clear nights with a brilliant full moon are the perfect time to entertain out-of-town guests who are just discovering the natural beauty of the area.


Fire up the grill at your outdoor kitchen, add some festive fiber optic lighting to accompany your outdoor LED's, and you’ll find that your backyard is the perfect backdrop for the premiere gathering of the coldest season.



Snow Days

In Colorado, snow is so common and anticipated that cancellations don’t come so easy. However, when that deluge of snow does arrive, it’s hardly time to stay in bed. Spend the day outdoors with the kids sledding, tubing, making snow angels, and building igloos and snowmen.


An outdoor fireplace is a perfect way to warm up and cap off the day as everyone admires their handiwork. Don’t just take a snow day, make it a snow celebration as you roast marshmallows for s’mores, all the while staying dry on waterproofed outdoor furniture.


Add in some homemade cider and a blanket or two, and it’s a holiday of its own. Use your outdoor living space to create new winter traditions that don’t involve making your way down the crowded slopes or spending hours at the mall.


Even if you do have to venture out, hot cocoa on the deck after work and school is a great way to decompress and enjoy a few minutes of family time (or solo time) during a busy week. 


So, don’t hibernate the season away - celebrate it. Make the very most of your space by planning all of your winter activities just outside of your back door. With features to add a little extra warmth, you’ll never long for this season to pass again.