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Viewing a Natural Phenomenon: a Solar Eclipse is Coming to Oregon

Viewing a Natural Phenomenon: a Solar Eclipse is Coming to Oregon

Aug 09 2017

Solar eclipses are one of few natural phenomena in this world. They’re extremely rare, entirely breathtaking, and you can certainly consider yourself lucky if you get the chance to experience one within your lifetime. The great news is, if you’re an Oregon resident or plan to be visiting on August 21, 2017- you’ll get that chance of a lifetime. At 10:15 a.m. on the morning of the 21st, a spectacular solar eclipse can be seen across the state of Oregon. So grab your thermos, spark up your outdoor fire pit and tell work you’re coming in late because the last time a solar eclipse was viewable in its entirety in this region was in 1979. 

This solar eclipse will be visible from anywhere in the state, but more specifically, Portland residents will be in perfect line with the solar event, being able to view it in its entirety. This is because the optimal viewing area is within a band that is approximately 90 miles wide. And you guessed it; Portland falls within this band! If you happen to live anywhere within this 90-mile-wide band, you too will be able to view this rare solar event in its entirety. Unless you were alive and present, living in Oregon in 1979 for the last solar event, you may want to pencil this one in on your event calendar. Why? Because you won’t be catching the next one. Well, unless you are immortal (Or just really, really freaking old!). The next time any eclipse will be seen from Oregon will be on October 5th, 2108.

Take this rare opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends. If you plan to take the morning off work, host a small solar eclipse viewing party in your backyard. You can set out breakfast drinks like orange juice, milk and coffee on your outdoor kitchen countertop and grill up some steak and eggs on your built in BBQ grill. Depending on the weather that day, you might also consider firing up your outdoor fire pit or built in fireplace to keep your guests warm.

Just imagine hosting your friends and family, grilling breakfast and having a blast watching a truly cosmic event takes place overhead. Although the eclipse will only last minutes, the memories will last a lifetime. So, make it count and enjoy this natural phenomenon. And you never know, maybe your great (great) grandchildren will be toasting to you while they host their own solar eclipse outdoor extravaganza in the year 2169.