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Simple hacks to make your yard beautiful

Simple hacks to make your yard beautiful

Apr 20 2017

Looking for new ways to give back to the environment? Some of the most popular ways to show your support for Mother Nature today is to plant a tree or volunteer to pick up trash at your local park or beach. While these options are absolutely always encouraged, it's important not to forget one important outdoor environment to give back to, and that's your own outdoor living space. In honor of Earth Day, consider these unique activities:

Give back to mother nature with these unique Earth Day activities.

Building a dog house with a green appeal

Any and every dog desires as much outside time as they can get. So why not head outside to enjoy the greenery with your family pet and completing an outdoor Earth Day project with them in mind?

The dog house is a classic backyard fixture that serves a crucial role in the outdoor life of your four-legged family members. If you have a dog that lives even part-time outdoors, a small shelter is important for their safety and well-being. And although the general outlook on backyard dog houses is that they're an "eyesore", it's actually pretty easy to make a dog house look like it belongs with the rest of your hardscape design. Consider incorporating a flower bed around the perimeter of your furry pal's new home, or, you can even plant a sprucing tree nearby to provide your furry friend with natural shade during those warmer months. The best part- it's a win, win all around! Your dog gets a lavish new outdoor living space without causing an eyesore in your lovely backyard, all while you're able to give back to Mother Nature for Earth Day this year. 

your furry friend and backyard will thank you for the Upgraded shelter and greenery.

What you'll need:

  • According to a guide from, the best dog houses are made from either wood or plastic. These materials provide the most durability as a shelter but also allow for plenty of customization. 
  • You'll also want to decide which types of flowers you'd like to incorporate for the flower bed or whether you'd like to plant a sprucing tree instead
  • PRO TIP: To make the inside of the dog house easier to clean, consider installing a liner of plastic or fiberglass, which can be covered with your pet's favorite bedding but still easy to wipe down occasionally.

Don't forget about the basics of a safe pet shelter. Unchain? Your Dog explained that the dog house needs to be large enough for the animal to fit comfortably inside, but still small enough to stay warm in cold weather. To keep it comfortable in the summer as well, that growing tree you planted for Earth Day will provide plenty of shade. Your dog will thank you for your hard work in their own way.

Creating garden pallet planters

One easy and affordable way to give your garden a good Earth Day upgrade is with the use of a common industrial tool we know as a pallet. You've probably seen those wooden pallets holding bags of soil or any number of other bulk items in a warehouse or hardware store. These pallets are never given much thought and often simply thrown out, but they can be used for an impressive variety of crafty outdoor designs.

Design blog Upcycle That explained how to transform wooden pallets into practical planters, a great way to update a backyard garden.

What You'll Need:

  • First, acquire your pallet. Since they are usually discarded anyway, you should be able to snag one or more from a local grocery or hardware store- just make sure you ask first.
  • Since pallet wood is usually quite rough, you will want to sand it down and seal it for a smooth, moisture-resistant finish. You can also stain or paint the wood any color that fits your garden design.
  • From here, Upcycle That suggested using sheets of landscaping fabric to cover one side of the pallet, attaching the fabric using a staple gun or nails. Creating a rigid pocket between each board will allow potted plants to rest comfortably.
  • When picking items to fill your garden with, consider succulents. These low maintenance plants require minimal water, helping your Earth Day conservation efforts. 
  • Put your new planter against a wall at an angle facing the sun and enjoy.

If you're skilled with a saw, you could instead cut the boards and glue or nail them into a five-sided cube, which produces a more traditional-looking planter box. With the right type of plant and a little maintenance, these pallet planters make it easy to organize and manage a backyard garden.

PlantsSucculents grow well in pallet planter boxes.

For more help creating the perfect backyard space, talk to the pros at System Pavers about unique design trends that fit your needs.