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How to future-proof your outdoor living space

How to future-proof your outdoor living space

Apr 13 2017

Now that tax season has ended and those precious tax returns are on the way, it's the perfect time to start investing in future-proofing your home and outdoor living space. From the backyard to the shingles on the roof, every square inch of your beloved home represents an investment of time, money and practicality. It's obviously in every homeowners best interest to install and improve features of their home in a methodical way. That means considering not only what needs to be fixed now, but what benefit that improvement will provide over the long term, especially as your family grows and your needs change.

As one of the biggest spaces on your entire property, the backyard represents an outsized portion of this investment. With each outdoor project, take the time to future-proof your space and ensure it's suitable for all the stage of life ahead of you and your family.

Features of a starter backyard

Many of us see moving into a new home as a fresh start and a major life milestone. This is a hugely important moment for young couples or transplants to a new city but could also apply to empty-nesters ready to begin an entirely different chapter of their lives. Assuming kids are out of the picture for now, homeowners will want a backyard that's perfect for both entertaining company as well as peaceful relaxation. Still, they might want to save some room for future upgrades or additions.

One outdoor facet that fits in just about any lifestyle is a BBQ island, complete with a grill, serving table and more. Grills are versatile cooking tools all their own and become even more practical with the addition of a custom-designed stone table to make prep work and serving easy.

GrillOne outdoor facet that fits in just about any lifestyle is a BBQ island, complete with a grill, serving table and more.

If you're getting your first grill, make sure you know what exactly you're getting into. Writing for, Jeffrey Rosenfield of grill maker Char-Broil noted that proper cleaning habits are crucial to grill ownership. Without taking the time to perform these basic tasks, your grill's lifespan may be shortened and become anything but future-proof.

Most homeowners opt for gas grills, since they are generally easier to cook with. However, they have more working parts than their charcoal counterparts and are thus a little harder to clean and maintain. Be sure to use a stiff nylon brush to clean the grates before every use. Around once per month, remove the gas supply and take apart the grill to scrub between burner tubes, gas ports and grease traps.

Rejuvenating patio space

Too many homeowners may be content with an old, neglected outdoor patio, which can be a serious waste of a backyard's full potential. But that's because we often assume that there's no easy way to give a drab backyard space a facelift. HouseLogic proved this assumption wrong by detailing a few easy tricks to transform even the most dingy patios into lively hangout areas, perfect for entertaining guests or just enjoying the outdoors.

PatioA few smart choices regarding patio furniture can make a huge difference.

The first step in upgrading a patio lies in the material. Sealed stone proves more durable than concrete and can take on any number of shapes, sizes and colors. With System Pavers, you get the advantage of a unique design and quality installation, too. With that out of the way, a few smart choices regarding patio furniture can make a huge difference. Choose a table and chairs that are practical to clean and store, but versatile enough to work as a casual dining set or anything else. Adding some plants and other accents will provide the finishing touches.

Having this base makes it easy to transition when your family grows and you have children of your own or the grandkids come to visit. You can simply stock the space with kid-friendly amenities. A smaller table to accompany your outdoor dining set is perfect for afternoon snacks with little ones. You might also add a reading nook for story time.

Upgrading pools and lawns

A backyard pool is a dream addition for many homeowners in warmer climates, but they bring with them several additional design considerations. That's especially true with kids in the mix, which means safety in and around the pool must be a top priority.

Using stone pavers around a backyard pool can reduce the risk of slipping and falling on wet surfaces. Not only that, these design elements can be easily customized to suit any style preference, and they are easy to clean while maintaining weather resistance.

Taking future-proofing up another notch, savvy homeowners may opt for a synthetic turf backyard instead of traditional sod.

Taking future-proofing up another notch, savvy homeowners may opt for a synthetic turf backyard instead of traditional sod. The advantages of synthetic turf over its typical counterpart are numerous: maintenance is a breeze, durability is unmatched and it provides an unparalleled level of flexibility in sculpting a great lawn. When children or pets are at play, traditional turf can often get worn down quickly even in the best weather conditions. Synthetic grass lets families keep their backyard in prime condition for playtime all year-round.

Choosing the right features for your backyard isn't just a matter of deciding what you need now - you also must take future plans into consideration to maximize your investment.  

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