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Presidents Day Party: Delivering a little dose of history and fun

Presidents Day Party: Delivering a little dose of history and fun

Feb 07 2017

Many elementary schools celebrate Presidents Day by hosting plays where students dress up as the presidents and share little insights into their lives. If you attend one of these plays to support your kids, chances are you'll be singing the "Fifty Nifty United States" for at least the rest of the night! Why should the learning experience stop here? You can honor Presidents Day and the coming of spring at home with these ideas:

red, white, blue, cake, American cake, Presidents DayRed, white and blue cake is the perfect way to celebrate this holiday.

Break out the birthday cake
A lot of people think Presidents Day is dedicated to celebrating all the presidents. In reality, this holiday was originally created to honor George Washington's birthday on February 22. Today, the special date is also about Abraham Lincoln's birthday, and the day it is celebrated always falls on a Monday in an effort to provide workers with more three-day weekends. Your family can stick with the original purpose and dig in to a tasty birthday cake that reads, "Happy Birthday, George!" Or, if you have a creative baker or artist in the family, make cupcakes and have everyone decorate their own treats with frosting in the likeness of their favorite president. Gather on your custom patio and go around your family sharing why each member chose that particular leader and adding a fun fact about him. Cookies work too for this educational and delicious activity.

Enjoy some backyard activities
One of the best parts about this time of year is watching spring roll in. Finally the sun shines all through dinner time and tiny shoots from plants and trees are making their way through the ground. It's important to get outside to enjoy these changes. Get out and make use of your beautiful backyard that's been neglected all winter! Create some Presidents Day-themed activities for your family to enjoy together.

corn hole, Presidents DayPlay presidential corn hole together to enjoy the backyard

Start with a scavenger hunt across your artificial turf where each clue provides information on a particular president. If your kids get it right, they can move on to the next clue, making their way through the yard and scoring points as they go for impressive historical knowledge! At the end, participants can earn fun educational prizes like a copy of the constitution, mini U.S. flags or even fun postage stamps with images of the president's faces on them. You may be surprised just how much your little ones have learned in school about these important political figures from recent times and long ago!

Remember our presidential debate outdoor party blog? We suggested playing "Pin the president in the white house." Let's put a different spin on the game by playing "Pin the head on Mount Rushmore." Cut out images of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Blindfold one family member at a time and see if they can correctly place the president's heads on a larger cutout of Mt. Rushmore. 

 Set the patriotic mood with red, white & blue decorations!

Does your family enjoy more athletic games? Try making your own presidential bean bag corn hole. Print or draw and cut out large images of president's heads and place them on the boards so the hole lines up with their mouth. Talk about the republican and democratic parties as you throw red and blue bean bags to score points by landing on the wooden platform or in the president's mouth. For extra points, players can share facts about presidents or the political parties with every throw. If they score, double their points for impressive aim and historical knowledge!

If you have younger kids who aren't quite ready to spew facts about long-gone presidents, there are still ways to enjoy time together that are on-theme! For example, what is Abraham Lincoln famous for? This president grew up in a log cabin near Charleston, Illinois. You don't have to make a pilgrimage to this State Historical Site to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of a log cabin. You can make your own right at home with the help of Lincoln Logs! These toys are fun for kids of all ages. You can make tabletop cabins to show off your architectural and construction skills. Or, make a larger version with real logs that have notched ends for easy use. Your kids will remember this fun activity for many Presidents Days to come!

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