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New year, new home: 5 promises to make to your outdoor living space in 2017

New year, new home: 5 promises to make to your outdoor living space in 2017

Dec 19 2016

2016 has been a hard year for many people, but you've come out on top! You worked hard all year, maybe even earned a promotion or a bonus, and now it's time to sit back and reflect. Perhaps you're adding on to your home to fit your growing family, or you've found other ways to treat yourself. Here are 5 promises to make to your outdoor living space this year because you deserve to be rewarded:

1. Spend more time outside
When you get home after spending 8 hours at the office, what's the first thing you want to do? For a lot of people, watching TV provides the relaxation they're looking for. Instead of heading to the basement to catch a few episodes of whatever is on, why not go to your yard and enjoy fresh air instead? There are ways to make your outdoor space extra relaxing, like by adding a water feature to soothe your ears and help drown out city traffic. Or, perhaps you want to have family movie nights where everyone gathers to view a beloved classic. Install an outdoor theater system with hidden speakers in realistic rocks and an outdoor TV that rises from a waterproof enclosure. You can even use the system to play your favorite music as you grill or get in a few rounds on your putting green. Spending more time outside will help you relax and forget the stresses of your day.

2. Take better care of the lawn
One reason you may not want to head to your yard is that the lawn isn't looking so good. Perhaps a long snowy winter or rainy spring did a number on the grass, reducing it to a muddy mess. Or, maybe brown spots from die-off and pets are unsightly and you don't want anyone to see them. If your New Year's resolution includes spending more time outside, the first place to start is your own yard. Consider replacing your current lawn with synthetic turf.

This outstanding material looks just like real grass but won't fade or grow muddy. It features excellent drainage to handle everything from liquid pet waste to snow and rain. Plus, you won't need to mow, so you're already improving your relationship with your yard just by nixing this maintenance requirement! Having a good-looking outdoor space will make you more likely to spend time there, rewarding your year of hard work with fresh air and the smiling faces of your family as they enjoy the new turf.

woman grilling, outdoor party, patio party, System PaversGet to know your neighbors and spend more time outside with loved ones in the new year.

3. Host more parties
What better way to reward yourself than with a party? Hosting get-togethers shouldn't be a once-a-year thing. Instead, make it your goal to have friends and family over more often! One way to make people want to come over is to install a BBQ island in your custom patio. You already love this space as it's where your loved ones enjoy meals outdoors on your tasteful patio furniture. However, why go back and forth from the kitchen every few minutes to bring out food and drinks? Instead, cook at your BBQ island on the grill or burners. You can make everything from hamburgers and veggie dogs to stir fry! Add a wine fridge to chill your favorite sangria or white wine. This is the perfect party setup, allowing you (the chef) to mingle with your guests as you create delicious meals.

view, patio, custom patio, pavers, System Pavers, fire pit, fire place, water featureTake in the incredible view from your patio.

4. Take advantage of the view
When you first purchased your house, what drew you to it? You probably loved the proximity to work and your kids' schools. Maybe the interior architecture really knocked your socks off. For many people, they selected their homes because of the outstanding view of nearby mountains, rolling fields or even the ocean. While it's nice to gaze out the window as you drink your morning coffee, why not get a better look and go outside? Make use of your patio by purchasing new furniture that is super comfortable and lush. Wicker isn't just for grandma's house anymore! Consider buying a dark mahogany-colored wicker couch complete with cushions. You'll soon find yourself enjoying the view from outside far more often than inside!

date night, ambiance, ambient lighting, fire pit, fire place, System Pavers, custom patioEnjoy date night with ambient lighting and cozy up by the fire.

5. Enjoy date night
You're not the only person who worked hard this year. Your spouse deserves rewarding, too. It's easy to get into a routine of school and work and to forget that special spark that brings you two together. Don't let that happen this year. Go on regular date nights without the kids. To make it super easy to sneak some romantic moments into your day, add an outdoor fireplace to your hardscape. The warm glow of the fire provides ambiance so you can sit and visit about your days, plan for the future or even take in the stars together. Make some s'mores and enjoy trees lit with twinkling lights. You'll both benefit from some couple time and feel more relaxed and prepared to take on the world together.

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