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Deck out your yard with these fun holiday themes

Deck out your yard with these fun holiday themes

Nov 30 2016

When your family walks through the neighborhood around Christmas time, it's so much fun to look at all the dazzling light displays and possibly enjoy the snow. Each house has it's own style, some with elaborate nativity scenes and others feature a whole menagerie of inflatable characters like Rudolph and the minions from "Despicable Me.". You can make your dreams of having a standout display by choosing a theme that's a little different. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered:

Santa's workshop
Sure, plenty of houses will feature at least one Santa. But what about turning your front lawn into a replica of his toy workshop? You'll need elf figurines and plenty of toys for them to work on. Set up the elves assembly-line style so they look like they're working on the latest designs. Then, host Santa's sleigh on one side of the yard as it's being loaded by helpful elves. You could even have some reindeer standing around in their harnesses waiting to get the night started. Add in a Mrs. Claus overseeing the whole yard as she probably does at the North Pole in real life! Your System Pavers synthetic turf provides the perfect backdrop for this scene as it's green and totally on the color scheme.

Candy? Land
Do your little ones love the childhood game Candy Land? This whimsical story takes place as players try to find King Kandy who is lost. Turn your yard into the board by making a pink and white path through the snow using snow paint. You can make some out of a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of food coloring. Just don't use too much dye or you could turn your pavers and turf bright red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple!

To recreate the game, you'll need a forest of candy canes. Use the plastic stand-alone ones or opt for the light up variety to add some sparkle to the yard! Then, make gum drop mountain by stacking colorful buckets to resemble trees. Don't forget to make snowpeople resembling King Kandy (at the end of the path), Queen Frostine (with her snowflake wand) and Gramma Nutt (in her green hat and yellow dress full of acorns)!

System Pavers, holidays, backyard decorations, holiday decorations, Christmas lightsCreate your own Candy Cane Forest in your backyard.

'The Nightmare Before Christmas'
Perhaps your family is a little more into the spooky side of the holiday. You'll definitely have people staring as they walk by if you turn your lawn into a scene from "The Nightmare before Christmas." Recreate the movie posters by hanging a light-up moon from your house. Then, build a snow hill out of the real thing or white fabric. Curl it at the end like the movie! Incorporate lit jack-o-lanterns throughout your turf with scary faces. As pumpkins are likely in short supply by December, you may have to use fake ones, but that's OK because they'll last all season! Finally, perch a singing Jack Skellington figurine with his beloved Sally holding hands atop the hill. Set up your outdoor entertainment system to play the soundtrack from the movie to really up the holiday spirit!

No matter what theme you pick for your yard this season, all three of these options are sure to stand out among your neighbors. You'll get so many compliments on your ingenuity you just might have to start planning next year's decor months in advance! 

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