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4 reasons why Southern California homeowners love the outdoors

4 reasons why Southern California homeowners love the outdoors

Nov 21 2016

When you hear "Southern California," you're probably imagining gorgeous warm sandy beaches and palm trees. While the coastal areas offer such luxuries, families in this sunny state have plenty of other benefits thanks to the amazing weather. Whether you're already a resident looking for something different or you're considering moving to the region, here are some of the reasons SoCal is such a popular destination for outdoor-lovers:

Biking paths

Walking is great exercise, but it's not nearly as fun as riding a bicycle. These simple machines can make you feel like you're flying, and riding one along the coast is an incredible experience. The Strand bicycle path makes up 22 paved miles along the coast from Torrance Beach to Will Rogers State Beach. You can make stops at Manhattan Beach Pier, the Santa Monica Pier and even hit the famous Venice Beach along the route. Huntington Beach is another great Orange County spot for biking. The 8-mile-long path here winds among lots of great places to stop, like shops and restaurants. Make sure you keep your eyes on the trail - this incredible surfing spot can be distracting as you watch true athletes catch wave after wave! Just remember to bring sunscreen and water - the warm weather here is enjoyable but requires some extra skincare maintenance. 



Everyone's seen pictures of celebs hiking near the Hollywood sign. They're wearing their high-end athletic gear and toting dog leashes and even water bladders. Hiking in SoCal isn't just for movie stars who are trying to stay in shape! Many residents enjoy visiting Runyon Canyon where they can walk near the beaches, stroll up into the hills to pass the Hollywood sign and take in the stunning view of Los Angeles. This is a super popular trail area, so be prepared for it to be packed on weekends. Monday through Friday there are far less people, giving locals (including famous people) the chance to get out without all the hustle and bustle. 

couple hiking, hiking, California, Southern CaliforniaCalifornia offers plenty of gorgeous trails for hiking.

For a little historical adventure, SoCal homeowners may enjoy heading to Murphy Ranch. This former Nazi?-sympathizer compound was supposedly created to house Hitler when his forces won World War l. You'll get a great workout hiking up the complex stairway and enjoy the shade of overhanging trees while stepping back in time. There are also plenty of canyons and creek-side trails where hikers can cool off and enjoy seeing waterfalls around this region. There's a hike for every ability level and time limit!


With the close proximity to the ocean, it's no wonder so many Southern California residents love the water. Some take to the tide on surfboards to ride the area's famous waves. Others prefer to paddle, wandering through the sea caves in La Jolla or standup paddleboarding off any coastal beach. Most of these sandy spots feature rentals so anyone can don a life jacket and make some memories via man- or motor-powered vessels like paddleboats or sea kayaks. Swimming is always a refreshing activity too and one that all ages can partake in so long as they stay within a safe distance from the beach.

ocean, boogie boarding, surfing, Southern California, So CalThe ocean is the perfect place for families to enjoy water sports.

Gorgeous backyards

Going out on adventures is fun, but there's nothing like being able to kick back in your own yard to enjoy the outdoors. Southern California homeowners know the importance of adding value to their property, and there's no better way to do so than by adding a cohesive outdoor space. Homes in the area feature custom patios to lounge on, in-ground pools for cooling off and, of course, BBQ islands to take advantage of the amazing temperatures and sun. Pergolas are the perfect backdrop for romantic dinners and hosting twinkling lights to set the mood after dark. Homeowners who want to experience relaxation in their outdoor spaces may select a water feature like a fountain to enjoy the soothing sounds of moving water. Southern Californians are lucky because they can extend the livable square footage of their home just by adding some pavers to create a canvas for their outdoor experience. 

Whether they want to enjoy cool ocean breezes from a pier or undergo a strenuous workout, SoCal homeowners can return to their residences to retreat into their own personal outdoor oasis.