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Project Highlight: Carl and Wendy's fresh start

Project Highlight: Carl and Wendy's fresh start

Sep 19 2016

Carl and Wendy are extremely social homeowners who love to entertain their friends and family, but have been limited to doing so inside. For the last 15 years their backyard had been dedicated to their kids’ playsets, and it was time to transform their backyard into a more sophisticated entertaining area. Wendy and Carl knew their new outdoor living design needed to not only be a functional space for hosting a large number of guests but it was also important that the outdoor elements in the space be eco-friendly.

Having such a large outdoor space to work with, it was decided to bring in System Pavers’ team of Design Architect experts to help Wendy and Carl’s outdoor dreams come to life. “We were limited in our imaginations and what we thought we could do with the space based on the shape of the yard,” reflects Wendy. “The Design Build team introduced us to so many other possibilities,” she adds.

An idea that had originally started as a fire pit OR a grill under a pergola quickly turned into design that included a fire pit, a grill under a pergola, artificial turf installation, drought-tolerant landscaping, a paver patio and walkway, and a full hardscape remodel of the front yard including a retaining wall.

Installation began right away on their new outdoor living space. “During installation, aesthetic issues came up that were unforeseen. With a ‘big box’ company these things wouldn’t have been rectified, but it hasn’t been that way with System Pavers,” reflects Wendy.

Now, Carl and Wendy find themselves more in love with their outdoor space than they ever could have dreamed. “It really has become an extension of the house,” Wendy shared. “It’s become an outdoor room, and it certainly wasn’t before. Before it was just a yard, and now it’s more of an outdoor living space,” she added.

Carl is happy to share that he’s spent more time in his new outdoor living space in the past year than he has in the previous 15 years he and Wendy have owned in their home. When asked if they are still considering selling their home in the future now that their children are grown, Carl joked, “If we did sell it, we would ask the new homeowners if we could rent the backyard to live in.”





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