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3 tips for maximizing the life of your turf

3 tips for maximizing the life of your turf

Jul 07 2016

Just a Great Steak

4th of July Edition

Compliments of Sam the Cooking Guy

Sometimes less is more. And in the world of grilling a steak this is especially true. I like a steak to taste like a steak, crazy right? And sure there are billions of different marinades, sauces and rubs that one can apply – but give me a simply seasoned steak (so it actually tastes like steak) and I’m a very happy guy. 

You’ll hear the best chefs say that great products don’t need a lot – and truer words have never been spoken.  What follows below is how I love to cook a steak in grilling season: simple ingredients and an even simpler cooking style.  Of course I’ll pair it with a super delicious salad, roasted vegetables or any number of side dish partners, but the steak will be a steak. 

So try this next 4th of July while you’re out at the grill – I think you’ll like it. 


  • One 1-pound rib eye, sirloin (or steak of your choice) – about 1.5 inches thick

  • Canola oil

  • Kosher salt

  • Freshly ground pepper


  • Remove steak from fridge 45 minute before cooking

  • 15 minutes before cooking, heat grill to high and close lid

  • Lightly oil steak and season really well with salt & pepper on both sides

  • If your grill has 2 zones, turn off one side

  • If your grill has 3 zones, turn off the middle one

  • Rotate steak at a 45 degree angle to the grates on the hot side

  • Let cook one minute to get grill marks, then turn 45 degrees and cook another minute (flip over and repeat)

  • Move to the ‘not’ hot side or ‘middle’ (if 3 burners) and let cook until approximately 130 degrees in the middle using a good instant read thermometer – about 5 minutes

  • Remove from grill, set on plate, cover loosely with foil and let rest 10 minutes

When you serve, be sure to cut across the grain for a wonderfully tender steak.  

Find more delicious recipes from Sam on Pinterest!


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