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Different Types Of Driveways Explained

Driveway Paving Designs: Pavers Are Better

There are many different types of driveways out there, but only System Pavers offers the benefits of paving stones – great looks, lasting quality, and low maintenance – along with stellar service and a 25-year warranty. Consider some of the popular alternatives to our interlocking paving stones, and you'll see why nothing else comes close to providing the quality of a System Pavers hardscape.

Mortar-set bricks have been used in driveways for many years, and although they can be very attractive when new, traditional brick driveways require regular maintenance to stay looking good. Bricks chip and crack, mortar splits as a result of the swelling and contracting of the earth below, and the costly repairs never seem to end. In many cases, individual bricks come loose, and grass and/or weeds begin to grow into the cracks and invade the rest of the driveway. Mortar-set bricks are expensive to begin with, but the regular maintenance they require makes this option extremely costly down the road.

In order to attempt to provide the look of a brick driveway at a lower cost and without the maintenance issues of mortar-set bricks, many builders offer simulated brick stamped concrete driveways. Stamped concrete driveway paving designs attempt to create the illusion of hand-laid brick without the hassles and issues associated with the real thing. The textured brick patterns are stamped into the concrete surface as it dries and sets. While it's true that stamped concrete driveways to manage to avoid many of the issues that plague traditional brick designs, stamped concrete has its own share of troubles. Like ordinary concrete, stamped concrete shrinks when it dries. For every ten feet of concrete you pour, you'll lose about 1/16 of an inch. That may not sound like much, but this amount of shrinkage can cause internal stresses within the concrete, resulting in random cracking that is difficult and expensive to repair.

Also, if you prefer colored driveway paving designs, you can choose to have your stamped concrete sealed and colorized. But you'll need to have the finish redone every 4 or 5 years at the very least. In some cases, these finishes can become damaged and faded after just one season. When attempting to colorize and existing slab of stamped concrete, the differences in the texture and makeup of the concrete can make it very difficult to maintain a uniform coloration, and the results can be unsightly.

Dollar for dollar, nothing comes close to offering the quality and value of a System Pavers paver stone driveway. If you want to learn more about how our unique driveway paving designs can transform your home, call 1-877-728-3778 today.


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