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Experience the enduring value and long lasting beauty of interlocking paving stones and allow System Pavers to redefine your idea of outdoor living. Each driveway, walkway, patio, and pool deck design is uniquely customized to fit the personal style and preferences of the homeowner. Whether you are inspired by the Mediterranean, Spanish, Contemporary or Traditional style, you can select from System Pavers’ endless array of colors, patterns, and concepts to find your ideal transformation.

System Pavers is committed to providing you with a driveway, walkway, patio, and pool deck that is not only beautiful, but guaranteed to last. At System Pavers, quality is set in stone and our materials allow us to design and construct almost any project you can dream of. We are so confident that you will be delighted with the quality of our workmanship that we guarantee our work for all completed projects.

Our interlocking pavers are non-skid, non-slip and guaranteed to endure even the harshest conditions – from shifting soil to extreme hot and cold temperatures – without cracking or crumbling.

Our paving stones are sand jointed to allow flexibility, which eliminates the possibility of joints cracking.

All of our paving stones are manufactured to meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards of at least 8,000 PSI, approximately four times stronger than concrete, and 10-20 times the strength of asphalt.

Hear what some of our satisfied customers are saying about System Pavers and how interlocking pavers dramatically changed their living space. Interlocking paving stones will allow you to transform your outdoor living spaces to personal escapes that you’ll love.

Interlocking Paving Stones redefine your idea of an outdoor lifestyle. With the endless array of colors patterns and concepts, interlocking pavers allow you to express your own personal style and preference.

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  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 25 year warranty
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At System Pavers, we design and build elegant outdoor
living spaces around you. Check out our new commercial.

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the long lasting beauty of paving stones

Driveway Pavers from System Pavers


Our high-quality driveway pavers not only look great, but are also designed to withstand the heavy wear and tear of cars, trucks, RVs, motor homes, and more.

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Walkway Pavers from System Pavers


Adding paving stone walkways to your front landscape is a surefire way to improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its overall value quickly and affordably.

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Patio Pavers from System Pavers


Welcome to our patio image gallery! Browse through the photos above and see for yourself how a new patio made from our interlocking paving stones can add beauty and value to the exterior of your home.

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Pool and Deck Pavers from System Pavers

Pool & Deck

See for yourself how our pool deck pavers can completely transform any outdoor space into a stylish and functional spa-like getaway.

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Before and After Galleries from System Pavers

Before & After

It’s easy to see how System Pavers can completely transform any outdoor space.

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System Pavers Jan 2015 Promotional Offer

There's no better time to transform your outdoors into the ultimate living and entertaining space.

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System Pavers comparison

Discover the benefits of interlocking paving stones versus standard paving options.

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System Pavers has software to get a preview of what your home will look like after pavers installation

Get a glimpse of how your home will look with a complimentary PaverImager® preview.

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Our Industry-Leading Quality

System Pavers® products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and
installed by our own professionals in conformance with our installation quality specifications.

We guarantee our installations for:

  • Deviations of Grade (Skin/Flatness)
  • Separation of Edge Restraint
  • Joint width between pavers
  • Joint Sand Loss (Depth of Joint)
  • Rutting

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25-Year Warranty

System Pavers products are installed by our own professionals in conformance wih our installation quality specifications. We are so confident that you will be delighted with the quality of our workmanship that we provide the following guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.
For more information about pavers, or if you need support, please call 877 728-3778

Why should I choose System Pavers interlocking paving stones?

There are so many reasons to choose interlocking paving stones:

- Pavers can be used in any climate and can be walked on immediately upon compaction.
- Cracking, which is common with traditional asphalt and concrete pavements, is not an issue with these interlocking concrete pavers due to the joints between the pavers.
- Interlocking concrete pavers are flexible systems that allow for movement.
- They are almost indestructible because the pavement system moves in unison with the earth’s tendency to swell and contract over time, thus avoiding any serious damage.

What’s the steepest angle slope you can build interlocking pavers on?

When installing new driveway pavers, each job is unique. It’s difficult to give an exact degree of slope, so we would have to take a look at the area first. Contact us to arrange your free, no obligation consultation now.

Can the paving stones be laid on top of my current driveway?

Unlike other driveway resurface companies; System Pavers does not lay driveway pavers on top of existing concrete or asphalt. Our highly trained driveway paving stone installers remove the existing driveway surface to create the ideal foundation for your pavers.

How much does the estimate cost?

Your interlocking pavers estimate is quick & free! No obligations, no pressure. Contact us now to have a System Pavers representative come to your home to assess your project.

Can the edges of the interlocking paving stones be curved?

Yes! Thanks to our highly trained installation crew, your interlocking paving stones are easily shaped to fit any design, including steps, walls, and curves!

What holds it stable around the edges?

A concrete edge beam is installed around the edges of your patio, deck or driveway to protect the interlocking pavers from lateral movement.

Can you drive heavy vehicles over driveway paving stones?

Absolutely! Our driveway pavers are designed to withstand the heavy wear and tear of RVs, motor homes, buses and more. In fact, we built interlocking pavers at Union Station Bus Depot in Downtown Los Angeles, where dozens of buses pass through everyday. Please let your consultant know about heavy traffic so that he can advise the installation team accordingly.

Are there gaps between the stones or will it be level enough to play/ride/skate/walk on with high heels?

Our interlocking pavers are always installed to be as level as possible. However, feel free to tell your representative of any specific concerns you may have. The more information you give us, the easier it will be for us to make the appropriate recommendation.

How long do I have to wait to drive/walk on my interlocking paving stones after they’re installed?

That’s the best part, there’s no down time required! You can walk and drive on your interlocking pavers right away.

Do driveway pavers get icy in colder climates?

Concrete pavers resist deterioration from freezing and thawing cycles better than asphalt and ordinary poured in place concrete. De-icing products, such as calcium chloride or salt, will not harm the pavers either, making them a great choice for cold climates. Electric or liquid snow melting systems work well under concrete pavers, eliminating snow removal while reducing slip hazards. Darker colored pavers can also aid in accelerating the melting process.

Is it easy to plow snow on driveway pavers?

Snow can be plowed, blown or shoveled just like asphalt or concrete pavements- quickly and easily. The beveled or chamfered edges of pavers prevent plows or shovels from catching on the edge-so they’re nice and smooth for easy snow clearing!

What do you do about drainage and root problems when installing my driveway pavers?

If we find any plumbing or root problems when replacing your driveway, patio or deck with interlocking paving stones, we will install new plumbing or replace broken pipes at an additional cost in any event, we find that re-grading the area results in better drainage flow.