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The System Pavers outdoor theater system is redesigning your concept of outdoor living. Take your lounging and relaxation in front of the television outside. Whether you’re planning for an evening to catch up on your favorite shows, inviting friends over for the game, or enjoying your favorite movie with your private outdoor movie theater, SP Outdoor TV is easily accessible in your backyard living space and perfect for any occasion. SP Outdoor TV rises from its weatherproof TV enclosure with the simple use of a remote to allow for superior outdoor TV viewing. When not in use, your SP Outdoor TV stows away restoring the beauty of your outdoor space. SP Outdoor TV is designed with weather in mind. Capable of withstanding the seasonal changes throughout the year, this weatherproof tv enclosure allows you to enjoy your outdoors whenever you wish.

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Outdoor Sound System

Whether you’re tending to your garden, relaxing by the pool or dining with friends, System Pavers’ outdoor sound allows you to set the mood for any outdoor activity. Sonos® wireless HiFi system brings you your favorite tunes at the flip of a switch while Speakercraft® outdoor speakers transports quality sound to your outdoor living space. You can even maintain a natural look with outdoor rock speakers. Awaken your senses and bring your outdoors to life.

"Everyday when I am in my yard I have the Sonos System playing my favorite music. It doesn’t get much better than that!"
– System Pavers customer, Bill Cunningham of San Clemente, CA
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